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Best Mutual Fund Selection Tips | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Selecting a mutual fund may seem daunting, but identifying your objectives and risk tolerance and understanding how fees work is half of the battle.

IRS Form 8949: Capital Asset Sales & Dispositions | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Form 8949: Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets is an Internal Revenue Service tax form used to report capital gains and losses from...

Should Women Split the Bill on Dates? Insights from a Relationship...

In this ever-evolving world of dating, the question that may stuck in your mind at the time of the date is whether ladies should...

Roth IRAs: A Smart Choice for Millennials | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Millennials can take advantage of decades of tax-free earnings, and then tax-free withdrawals during retirement, with a Roth IRA.

10 Effective Ways to Save for the Future | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Savings is as crucial as ever while we deal with life changes and our needs for the future. Here are some essential steps to...

Dependents: Definition, Types, Tax Credits | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

A dependent is a person who relies on you for their support. If you claim one or more dependents on your tax return, you...

Full-Time Student: Defining Hours | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

A full-time student is a legal tax status important for determining exemptions. Learn how your status as a full-time student impacts college financial aid.

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