Privacy Policy

We the officials of orbital affairs are intended to produce authentic news and analysis for the users and subscribers. The situations and current issues running across the globe as well as on the domestic level are described briefly by our correspondents and authors. Moreover, the privacy policy gives users benefits regarding updates of newspapers and many more after subscribing or registering yourself with Orbital Affairs.

Users of orbital affairs will register themselves by providing “full name”, “email address”, “hometown, country”, “Enrolment of the profession”, their affiliation with and “institution or association”, their Alma mater of study (current university). Their interest in subscribing or becoming a user of Orbital Affairs. 

In addition, Orbital affairs will also allow the users to mail or message them for acquiring any type of information. The concerned authorities will respond to them in an effective manner. We have hired a number of authors, writers, scholars, intellectuals from every field of life for acquiring their prominent opinion on domestic and global issues in order to keep n eye on users and subscribers towards global news.

We the officials will provide a vast platform for every age to link with us in order to boost the newspaper. We will provide stuff for children, students, and professionals regarding every field of life. We the officials will warm welcome our respected users and subscribers to visit our site in order to enjoy news, analysis, opinions, and magazines

On the other hand, we will take strict note of those users and subscribers who will try to abuse our privacy policy, as well as share, hate characters regarding the governmental bodies. Opinions of scholars will be derived after a massive scale analysis on the respective topic so we will provide our users and subscribers with authentic information and analysis by reflecting and intersecting the facts.