Writer Submission Guidelines

Orbital Affairs is a platform that is currently addressing the mass audience in the form of alerting, making, and shaping their opinions through quality articles and opinion pieces. The digital web portal is being read nationally and internationally by our worthy readers and also welcomes passionate and enthusiastic writers around the globe. 

Most of the writers send their opinion pieces or Op-Ed which do not meet our criteria due to which they have to make amendments or sometimes we can’t publish them timely due to this reason. In the wake of avoiding such errors, the submission guidelines are described below.

Area of expertise

Orbital Affairs welcomes writers to write on their area of interest and expertise. Knowledge regarding a specific field of study gives the writer a direct exposure to what he is going to portray in his article. The author of the article is supposed to send a comprehensive introduction which is also known as a byline to be published along with the written piece. 


It is the duty of the writer to insert correct information and appropriate facts and figures which should be double-checked by them while submission. However, the facts and figures mentioned in the article would be cross-checked by the editors of Orbital Affairs after the submission by the writer. Moreover, the addition of fake information to cover up the word limit is highly discouraged. 

Word Limit

The word count for an article should be 550 words or more but not less than that whereas, for an opinion piece, a word limit of 750-850 words is mandatory. 


An opinion is also known as Op-Ed. Writers are advised to come up with logical arguments, advanced statistics, visual material, and quotes from the officials in order to make their opinion an attractive piece for the reader. An opinion writer should convey his message in such an attractive manner to compel the reader to believe him through the quality of his work. An opinion is not considered an opinion unless and until it is supported by potential and reasonable pieces of evidence.

For upcoming aspirants in the field of writing, a few links are given below worth a read to constitute a well-written opinion.

Tips for aspiring Op-Ed writers

Tips by the Harvard University

How to write a column by Van Badham in the Guardian


Use of language and grammar

In the world, there are a lot of people who possess the art of analyzing a situation or event according to its pros and cons. However, they are unable to convey their message in an effective manner due to the lack of grip on language and grammar. Therefore, it is mandatory to double-check the grammar and language of the opinion piece before sending it. The complex errors could be removed by downloading the Grammarly App. Using this app will help in reducing the efforts of both the writer and the editor. Moreover, there are a plethora of sources available on the internet to master the skill of writing flawlessly. Some links are mentioned below which are helpful in polishing the language. 

Everyday tips for language improvement

By following these everyday tips, it would be easy to portray the ideas effectively. 

Word Up: By the Guardian

This link will enlighten the path of information pertinent to the enhancement of vocabulary and structure of writing.

In a nutshell, the submission guidelines are stated in bullets as under:

  1. The news article should be 550 or more words but not less than that.
  2. An opinion piece should consist of 750-850 words. 
  3. The writer should send his/her brief introduction along with the article/opinion
  4. There should be at least two suggested titles for the sent article/opinion
  5. The title could be amended by the editor if needed.
  6. The byline or introduction of the author is mandatory in the email
  7. The subject line of the email sent to Orbital Affairs should be the suggested title of the article.
  8. Please submit the article to writers@orbitalaffairs.com when it’s ready to be sent.


Note: Orbital Affairs may not send the feedback to the rejected articles due to the busy schedule.