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Fed’s Inflation Measure Accelerates in January | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Inflation made an unwelcome rebound in January, according to the Fed’s favorite measure of inflation.

Floor Limit Explained: How It Works | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

"Standard floor limit” refers to the transaction size above which merchants must obtain authorization when processing a credit card transaction.

Mechanic’s Lien: Definition, Usage, and Example | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

A mechanic's lien is a legal guarantee of payment to builders, contractors, and subcontractors for the building or renovation of a property.

Okta Stock Surges on Strong Earnings and Raised Outlook: Key Price...

Okta shares surged 23% in extended trading Wednesday after the cloud identity software company topped quarterly estimates and raised its full-year sales outlook. Monitor...

Medigap Insurance: Who Needs It? | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Medigap is private insurance that covers expenses that Medicare doesn’t pay. Find out if you need a Medicare supplement.

401(k) Retirement Plan: Qualified or Not?

A 401(k) usually meets the definition of a qualified retirement plan. Learn more about these retirement plans and why they qualify.

401(k) vs. Pension Plan: The Difference | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

401(k)s and pensions are both employer-sponsored retirement plans, but pensions are nearly extinct.

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