Upcoming Mobile Updates for OSRS

Jagex is set to introduce a range of new changes to Old School RuneScape on mobile, which will make it easier for players to gain XP and GP while playing the game. The company has recently released a Polling Charter, in which it stated that it would not poll changes to the user interface (UI) as this could affect new players. However, Jagex has announced that it will be introducing a loot overlay, which will allow players to see the OSRS GP value of ground items and their names. This will ensure that players do not miss out on any valuable loot when training their combat or slayer skills on mobile.

During the 2022 Winter Summit, Jagex presented two new features that it plans to bring to the Steam and mobile client in 2023. The company has also released a blog post detailing more of the changes that players can expect to see soon, whether they are playing on mobile or Steam. One of the changes that Jagex is introducing is a ground items overlay, which will help players see the name and value of items. Another feature is a loot tracker, which will enable players to track all of the items that they have dropped, so they know precisely how much OSRS gold they have earned.

Jagex is also making changes to the menus on the mobile client. Currently, the menus are on both sides of the screen, which helps with two-handed activities. However, Jagex is planning to add more features to this area, such as having the menus on one side of the screen for certain activities, such as casting High Alchemy to train Magic skills. For more complex activities such as bossing, having all the menus on one side would be detrimental, so Jagex is adding a hotkey for the inventory instead.

The chat box is another area where Jagex is making changes. Despite previous feedback from players who did not like the proposed changes to the chatbox interface, Jagex is still forcing this change, stating that it looks cleaner and will create more room. However, the company is also adding a button that will enable players to open their keyboard and prevent them from accidentally tapping to open the filter.

Jagex is also introducing hotkeys to help with the quality of life when performing certain activities. The hotkeys will be customizable and will allow players to enable different modes, such as single tap mode, which is useful for training Construction on mobile, and tap to drop, which is essential for cleaning banks and skilling. Other hotkeys include tile highlight, which is essential for some bosses and quests, and entity interactions, which will help players when questing.

The ground items overlay is a highly anticipated feature that Jagex has been speaking about for some time. It will finally reach the live version in early 2023 and will allow players to customize threshold values for highlighting items of a specific value or hiding items that do not interest them. This will be a significant quality of life improvement for Steam and mobile players as it will make it much easier to see and pick up loot.

Finally, Jagex is introducing a loot tracker to mobile, which will be similar to the loot tracker feature that PC players enjoy. This feature will enable players to see exactly what a specific monster dropped, so they know how much OSRS gold they have earned doing certain activities or killing various monsters.

In conclusion, Jagex is introducing a range of new changes to Old School RuneScape on mobile that will make it easier for players to gain XP and GP while playing the game. While some of these changes have been met with resistance from the player base, Jagex is confident that they will ultimately improve the player experience.