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Shiba Inu & XRP Price Prediction: Future Outlook for These Cryptos | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Shiba Inu & XRP Price Prediction: Future Outlook for These Cryptos...

Shiba Inu and XRP Price Prediction: Shiba Inu (SHIB) is making news because crypto whales are buying it up. Shibarium was also made as...

Mushroom Supplement Market: Financial Growth and Future Trends

Mushrooms are on trend. Mushroom-infused products like coffee and supplements are booming, with the global The post Financial Growth and Future Trends in the Mushroom...

US Asking Rents Approach Record High in August, Redfin Reports

The median asking rent in August was $2,052, only $2 short of the all-time high, according to Redfin.

GDP’s Significance | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

GDP is an accurate indicator of the output of an economy, and the GDP growth rate is probably the single best indicator of economic...

Fundamental Analysis: Amazon vs. eBay

An investing comparison of e-commerce marketplaces Amazon and eBay using revenue, profitability, valuation metrics, and active user base.

July Housing Starts Rise, Building Permits Suggest Looming Decline

Goldman Sachs predicts home prices will keep rising, citing tight supply and high demand.

Eli Lilly’s Shares Surge to Record Highs Post Two Acquisitions

Eli Lilly shares hit an all-time high as the drugmaker closed two acquisitions, including one related to the hot market for weight-loss treatments.

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