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Stock Compensation: Definition, Usage, and Vesting Overview | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Stock compensation refers to the practice of rewarding employees with stock options that will vest, or become available for purchase, at a later date.
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M3: Definition, Liquidity, Disuse, and M Classifications | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

M3 is a measure of the money supply that includes M2, large time deposits, institutional money market funds, and short-term repurchase agreements.
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Real Estate Sector’s Typical D/E Ratios | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Learn the typical debt-to-equity (D/E) ratios for companies in the real estate sector and discover how this measure of financial health determines leverage.
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Amazon FBA Demystified: A Complete Guide | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Navigating the world of e-commerce can often feel like charting a course through unexplored waters. The post Unlocking the Mysteries of Amazon FBA: A Comprehensive...
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Sell Inherited House? Consider Charlotte’s We Buy Houses Companies | ORBITAL...

Inheriting a house can sometimes come with a unique set of challenges. While it’s often The post Selling an Inherited House? Consider We Buy Houses...
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Impact of Open Market Operations on U.S. Money Supply

The Federal Reserve's open market operations—the purchase or sale of government bonds and other securities—can push interest rates and the money supply lower or...
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TPA Definition: Physical Asset Transfer

A transfer of physical assets (TPA) is involved when a HUD-insured loan is attached to a real estate transaction.

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