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DeSantis' Late Trump Critique Backfires Spectacularly | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

DeSantis’ Late Trump Critique Backfires Spectacularly | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis received a direct reminder of his own history and a glimpse into his potential future following his recent criticism of...

US Election Results Impact on Stock Market | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Historical data seems to suggest that the party running the United States has no noticeable impact on the country’s equities market.

Will Hurd’s Career: Evolution of Net Worth | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

A former Texas congressman named Will Hurd has provided his services with full honesty and dedication by significantly impacting the political arena. Still, he...
Mike Johnson's Wife: The Key to His Success and Happiness

Mike Johnson’s Wife: The Key to His Success and Happiness

Mike Johnson Wife: Kevin McCarthy was removed from his job as House Speaker in October 2023, and Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson was chosen by...

Neera Tanden: An Introduction | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Neera Tanden is a political consultant and serves as a senior advisor and Domestic Policy Advisor under President Joe Biden.

Voodoo Economics: Definition, History, Validation – A Concise Overview

Voodoo economics is a popular phrase first used by then-presidential candidate George H.W. Bush to cast doubt on Ronald Reagan's economic policy proposals.
"Exploring Daniel Krauthammer's Sexuality: Is He Gay?"

“Exploring Daniel Krauthammer’s Sexuality: Is He Gay?”

Daniel Krauthammer was brought into the world in December 1986 – precise date obscure, as in this way is his zodiac sign – in...

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