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Domicile: Legal Definition, Types, Taxation Explained | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

A domicile is a home acquired with the intent to remain indefinitely. Learn how your domicile impacts many legal issues, including the taxes you...

Essential Fire Extinguishers for Businesses | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Having the right fire extinguishers on hand is an important fire safety measure for any The post What Fire Extinguishers Does a Business Need and...

Nvidia’s Q4 Earnings Exceed Expectations Amid AI Boom | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Nvidia's fiscal fourth-quarter results blew past market expectations as the company continues to benefit from booming AI-related demand.

Enhancing Home and Business Security with Technology | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Modern technology is reshaping every aspect of our lives at a rapid pace, particularly in The post How Technology is Enhancing Home and Business Security...

4 Events That Disrupt Retirement Planning | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Some life events can derail even the best-laid retirement plans. Learn how to prepare for the unexpected and get back on track if necessary.

Escrow Protection in Financial Transactions | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Escrow broadly refers to a third party that holds money or an asset on behalf of the other two parties in a transaction.

Top 10 Insurance Companies | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

We rank the 10 largest insurance companies by market capitalization, market share, and sales. Check out which insurance companies made our list.

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