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Rational Expectations Theory: Definition and Function | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Rational expectations theory proposes that outcomes depend partly upon expectations borne of rationality, past experience, and available information.
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OCA Theory in Economics: Examples | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Optimum currency area (OCA) theory states that there are regions, not bounded by national borders, that should share a common currency.
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Personal Income and Outlays Defined

Personal Income and Outlays is a report produced by the Bureau of Economic Analysis that tracks personal income and monthly spending.
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Sovereign Credit Rating: Definition, How They Work, & Agencies

A sovereign credit rating is an independent assessment of the creditworthiness of a country or sovereign entity and how risky investing in it might...
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1970s Stagflation

Stagflation is the coincidence of weak growth and elevated inflation evident in the 1970s that required monetary policy changes by the Federal Reserve.
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July Inflation Cools, Despite 3.2% Year-Over-Year Uptick

Inflation is continuing to cool down, though you might not think it from the 12-month inflation rate.
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Dow Jones Today: Index Surges 400 Points in Rebound

Following last week’s downward turn, the Dow Jones Industrial Average bounced back, rising 407 points, or 1.2%, as investors readied for new inflation data...

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