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Environmental Impact of Cryptocurrency | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Cryptocurrency mining requires massive amounts of energy. Discover why cryptocurrency mining is so energy-intensive and learn about alternatives to crypto mining.

Apple Shares Drop Amid China Sales Concerns, Analysts Dismiss as Overblown

Apple shares lost ground Friday after the company's third-quarter earnings showed revenue declining with sales in China dropping, though some analysts suggest worries about...

Why Every Company Should Track Their Carbon Footprint | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

In recent years, the concept of carbon footprint has received a great deal of attention The post Carbon Footprint: Why Every Company Should Keep Track...
REPT BATTERO Shines at RE+ Expo: A New Energy Era Begins

REPT BATTERO Shines at RE+ Expo: A New Energy Era Begins

At the recent RE+ Expo, the energy sector witnessed an exemplary display of innovation and commitment by REPT BATTERO Energy Co. Positioned prominently among...

SLO: Definition and Standards for Social License to Operate | ORBITAL...

The social license to operate (SLO) refers to the ongoing acceptance of a company's standard business practices.

Freeganism: An Overview of its History and Practices | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Freeganism is an alternative philosophy of living, based on minimal participation in capitalism and limited consumption of resources.

Importance of Choosing Top Water Suppliers in the UK

Water is essential to life, making it essential that we source reliable UK water suppliers The post Importance of Finding the Best Water Suppliers in...

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