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Main Street Lending Program: Overview and Operation | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Main Street Lending was a Federal Reserve System program to keep credit flowing to small- and mid-sized businesses and nonprofits during the COVID-19 crisis.

Joe Biden Presidency Guide | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

One of America's youngest senators and its oldest president, Joe Biden's story includes his accomplishments, life-altering tragedies, and an ambitious vision for America's future.

Balancing Tax Rates and Public Spending in Fiscal Policy

Fiscal Policy is the sister strategy to monetary policy, through which a central bank influences a nation's money supply.

Struggling 10-Year US Treasury Note Nears Troubling Milestone

The struggling 10-year U.S. Treasury Note, the world's benchmark bond, has never declined in value for three straight years—but it could this year.

Causes of a Recession

A recession, or a decline in economic activity lasting several months, is usually caused by events such as a financial crisis or supply chain...

Dow Jones Today: Index Surges 400 Points in Rebound

Following last week’s downward turn, the Dow Jones Industrial Average bounced back, rising 407 points, or 1.2%, as investors readied for new inflation data...

U.S. Corporate Bankruptcies Surge, Exceeding 2022 Total

Surging U.S. corporate bankruptcies surpass the total for all of 2022 as filings reach pace on par with pandemic, global financial crisis years.

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