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Viking Cruise Operator IPO: What You Need To Know | ORBITAL...

The Rise of Viking Holdings: A Look at the Cruise Operator's Impending IPO Key Takeaways Cruise operator Viking Holdings generated $4.7 billion...

USD to JPY Conversion Trends Update | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

The exchange rate between currencies constantly changes. This can affect companies that do business internationally.  The post USD to JPY: Stay Updated on the Latest...

Car Insurance Companies’ Car Valuation | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Understand how auto insurance companies value cars and learn why your insurance may not cover the cost of a similar vehicle.

CapEx vs. OpEx: Understanding the Difference | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Capital expenditures are a company’s major, long-term expenses while operating expenses are a company’s day-to-day expenses.

Impact of Fed Funds Rate on USD | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Learn about the effects the federal funds rate has on the U.S. dollar. Understand what happens when the Federal Reserve increases interest rates.
Bitcoin Price Volatility: Factors Influencing the World's First Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Price Volatility: Factors Influencing the World’s First Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Price Dynamics: With a market value of over US$1 trillion as of January 2024, Bitcoin is the world’s most expensive and well-known cryptocurrency....

Gold Price History: Peaks and Valleys | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Gold prices have fluctuated over the past century, reaching lows in the 1970s and inflation-adjusted highs in the early ’80s. In recent years, they...

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