Astro’s Rocky’s Dating Status: Conflicting Reports.

Astro’s Rocky Confirmed to be Dating Actress Park Bo-yeon

Fantagio, the agency representing K-pop boy group Astro, has confirmed that one of its members, Rocky, is dating actress Park Bo-yeon. The confirmation came after media reports circulated about the two being romantically involved.

In a statement released on Monday, the agency acknowledged the reports and confirmed that the two had indeed started dating. The statement read, “The two initially met through the web series ‘Find Me If You Can.’ After getting to know each other better, they started dating.”

The news of Rocky’s relationship with Park Bo-yeon has been met with mixed reactions from fans. While some have expressed their happiness and support for the couple, others have criticized the agency for not being transparent about their relationship earlier.

This is not the first time that Fantagio has been criticized for its handling of its artists’ personal lives. In 2018, the agency faced backlash after it was revealed that one of its artists, Ong Seong-wu, had been in a relationship with a non-celebrity for over a year.

Despite the criticism, Fantagio has maintained that it respects the privacy of its artists and will only disclose information about their personal lives if they choose to do so themselves.

Rocky, whose real name is Park Min-hyuk, debuted as a member of Astro in 2016. The group has since gained a large following both in Korea and internationally, thanks to their catchy pop songs and energetic performances.

Park Bo-yeon, on the other hand, is an established actress who has appeared in numerous dramas and films. She is best known for her roles in dramas such as “Oh My Ghostess” and “Abyss.”

The two first met while filming the web series “Find Me If You Can,” which aired in 2019. The series follows a group of celebrities as they travel around Korea and complete various missions.

Fans have been speculating about Rocky and Park Bo-yeon’s relationship since last year, when they were spotted together at a restaurant in Seoul. However, neither party confirmed nor denied the rumors at the time.

Now that their relationship has been confirmed, fans are eagerly awaiting more updates from the couple. Some have even expressed their hope that they will collaborate on a project together in the future.

Despite the initial backlash from some fans, it seems that Rocky and Park Bo-yeon have received overwhelming support from their respective fan bases. Many have taken to social media to express their happiness for the couple and wish them all the best in their relationship.

As for Astro’s future activities, it remains to be seen how Rocky’s relationship with Park Bo-yeon will affect the group’s schedule. However, given the agency’s track record of supporting its artists’ personal lives, it is likely that they will continue to promote as usual.

In any case, it is clear that Rocky and Park Bo-yeon are happy together and have the support of their fans. As they navigate their relationship in the public eye, we can only hope that they will continue to receive love and respect from those around them.