Yemen attack: Horrible blasts took place on airport

The Yemen blast at Aden Airport has shattered the country amid the tough time of COVID-19. However, the cause and the culprits have not been disclosed by the authorities.

In Yemen attack yesterday a devastating blast attack took place on Aden airport which killed nearly 30 people and more than 50 were injured that included help workers and officials.
The incident happened just after the arrival of the country’s recently chosen prime minister. The government employees Saudi ambassador from Saudi Arabia are believed to be the target.

Yemen attack: on-spot scenario 

The video recording showed that the moment they arrived and were moving out of the plane, the blast took place. Following it, some gunshots were heard too.
The blast made a large hole in the ground and the airport hall was damaged. According to security sources, three mortar shells were exploded one after the other.
Many people suffered through the attack but government members and ambassadors were safely displaced.

The culprits of the Yemen attack had not been identified yet. The government employees who arrived at the airport stood for a power-sharing agreement between Yemen’s President Abdrabbuh Mansoor Hadi and southern separatists.
The US ambassador in Yemen said that “We are with the Yemeni people as they struggle for peace, and we support the new Yemeni Government as it acts towards a better future for all Yemenis.”
It is deemed that the new cabinet is formed to settle Yemen’s civil war who had killed 10,000 people and Yemen suffered the world’s worst humanitarian Crisis.

One of the staff members of the international committee of Red Cross died, three were injured while two of them were lost.

History of clashes between Houthis and Southern Yemeni government

The Yemeni clash had been set to ablaze since 2015. These clashes were going on between Houthi Rebels and Yamen South Government.

The Houthi Rebels have been handed over with most of northern Yemen including capital Sana. The blasting series started in 2015 as the alliance included Saudi Arab.
The state-run Saudi press agency has informed about Saudi Arabia crimination on Houthis, who are basically Iranians. According to the spokesman of Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, Col. Turki Al Malki said that presidential Al-Maashiq Palace in Aden was targeted by Houthis explosive drones which shows their involvement in this attack.

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The US state department said, “We know about the reports of the attacks in Aden and are sorrowful by the reports of deaths and injuries.”Since the airport hall is damaged, Yemen has left with only one available airport for 28 million people. Yemen’s communication minister Naguib Al Awg stated that “It would be devastating if the plane was exploded.”
Before this, Houthis also attacked an Aden hotel in 2015 by missiles aiming to attack Prime Minister Khaled Bahah and government employees. Last year, they also attacked with missiles on a military parade in Aden that killed numerous people.

Yemeni Prime Minister’s remarks

The Yemen Prime Minister said, “The cowardly terrorist act that attacked Aden airport is part of the war being engaged against the Yemeni state and our great people, and it will only increase our demand on fulfilling our duties until the takeover is ended, the state is restored and stability.” A Houthi official Muhammad Al-Bukhaiti posted a comment on Al Jazeera television, denying the accusation of the airport attack.