WhatsApp messenger: The king of a plethora users

The features of WhatsApp messenger are blessing in this technological era. Social media apps have converted the world into a global village. People have been much addicted to these platforms and in this digital world, it seems an impossible task to survive without them.

People are living at that stage of life where gadgets and different sources of applications help to live a very effective remote life. Yes, all of us are well aware of multiple applications, their usage, and ways to carry on interpersonal communication. From multiple applications to a single application there we have an application that serves different purposes this is the only WhatsApp messenger whose number of users is 2 billion rankings at the top of social media applications.

WhatsApp Messenger for business

The ratio of its users shows the development of Whatsapp. Now, this application does not serve the purpose of communication, but this is also a source of business. They have another advanced feature of having a WhatsApp business through which running your own small business is easier to carry on. This article will let you know about the multi disciples and purposes of WhatsApp and some other most ranked social media applications.

WhatsApp is considered a good one-to-one platform for convenient communication with different people around the globe.

WhatsApp is an application through which different mediums of social media sharing is possible. This is the only application through which understanding of something through emoji is a good trend. Well, as we people interact with one another is constantly evolving. Moving forward to have a glance at the active role of most used applications every day.

Variety of Features

The best way of interacting with someone is the only medium of communication by using this application (WhatsApp)Instagram. We may continue communication more smoothly as this application contains a wide variety of features, it offers free international messaging and contains group chats.

This application is End-End-Encryption. This application is very easy to use, having features of audio, video verbal, non-verbal communication, we can send a single message to many, format our text, control privacy terms, and an advanced way of showing and expressing our feelings and emotions too with the help of different emojis. This application is revolutionized communication as it becomes more equipped.

Historical view of WhatsApp

Going back to the times when face-to-face communication was the only source of interaction, there were some additional sources like Neanderthal cave painting, smoke signals, and manuscripts. Humans are gone through the evolution of communication patterns as per the research conducted by Atlassian in 2011. In fact, it can be claimed that WhatsApp replaces face-to-face communication.

In the historical study of this application, there are two well-known denominations (also in the history of media marketing) named Acton and Jan koum, they were former employees of Yahoo, after leaving that designation they went for the foundation of WhatsApp Koum named this application. Firstly, he incorporated WhatsApp Inc in California on the 24th of February 2009.

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Jan-Koum, co-founder and CEO of Facebook, WhatsApp messaging service, WhatsApp 1.0, launched in 2009. As we know WhatsApp is the most used messaging application.

From 2009-2020 WhatsApp is considered as the significant application having 2 billion active members and users in making a general comparison between another most users messenger is Facebook messenger having 1.3 billion users they have. There are 340 million WhatsApp users in India alone, and making it the leading country in terms of WhatsApp audience. The second-ranked country is Brazil as it contains more than 99 million users.WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular messaging services around the world. This application works with the help of internet services.

Comparison with other Applications

So yes, most used social media applications are wide in range in the whole globe and the number of users on social media is increasing day after next. WhatsApp is an application that helps the user to send instant messages. As well as the most specific genre is the sharing of the location you can easily view the location of others while sitting at your place, keep on reading this to know more about other applications and their effective roles in the 21st century.


The next most used application is the Instagram whose users are rising everyday people are dealing with this application as a social media marketing app and as an influencer. Generally, this application is used to share the media but it contains more variety of features including entertainment and now it is considered as a place for the analysts, critics as well as a source of getting better content.

Vogue trends on Instagram

The next most figurative element where people are putting more interests in fashion, yes, Instagram for fashion is getting as an obsessed key for the current generation and numerous researches have shown that Instagram is widely used for the brand’s advertisements and showing the current fashion in a very cool manner so that the viewers or followers get attracted this is how the application is paying great tremendous role.

Snapchat to promote business and marketing campaign

In the wake of digitalization and starting technology advancements, business promotions have become serene. Now social media is playing the role of publicizing your goods, products, and services. The most interesting feature of this application is that people are showing their every time routine by making streaks, this is an advancement in the practice of social media for the promotion of several products and peddling.

Snapchat is playing an eerie second role in our lives when it comes to capturing every single moment of our lives in a vibrant, and charming manner then the very first thing that comes in handy is Snapchat lenses and filters. Gone are the days when people only stay on using an original camera to share or save the moments by taking pictures and videos. This the age of a variety of lenses and full of filters to update your near and dear ones.

However, the features of WhatsApp messenger are blessing in this technological era. Social media apps have converted the world into a global village. People have been much addicted to these platforms and in this digital world, it seems an impossible task to survive without them.

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