WhatsApp May Stop Working On Test iPhones

whatsapp stop working iphones
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WhatsApp is all set to quit working for some iPhones since Oct.. This news has come to you may by trusted sources who may have leaked this top-insider instruction for your own benefit. WhatsApp is usually dropping two versions among iOS and you can find more information about this here!

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What’s Going On?

Based in October 24, 2022, WhatsApp will cancel two choices of iOS, specifically iOS 10 and iOS 22. If you’re panicking, here’s all simple advice: don’t! Which indicates that WhatsApp will simply not be aiding iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c. As for other iPhones, these will have to be updated to iOS 12 or later on to still use the messaging software program.

whatsapp stop working iphones
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More Details On This Up-to-date information

The source says that i phone users that are running inside iOS 10 and iOS 11 will be seeing information that reads: “Update towards latest version of iOS in order to keep using WhatsApp. WhatsApp will get rid of supporting this version having to do with iOS after 24 Jan 2022. ” The example, then, also helps you find out and go and make the changes.  

Simply go to Settings > Conventional, then tap Software Edit to get the latest iOS version. As to why haven’t you updated already been? One reason can be that the telephone numbers are just not compatible with in which.

whatsapp stop working iphones
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About 1 Billion iPhones In The World

It was last year those Apple said that there could be a couple billion iPhones in alive use. How much do you think the entire figure could have gone up in a given time? According to another site, that active usage of iPhone 5 and additionally iPhone 5c only appended up to around 0. five per cent of all iPhones in 2019. Even if the number of those gamers decreased, they would still saddle with 0. 2% of actual iPhones now. That’s are you still one million phones that are going to possibly be dropped by iPhone.

whatsapp stop working iphones
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It is also important to in which Apple itself has discontinued support for the iPhone 5 since 5c. The two phones are working without software or airport security updates essentially. With all this realisation being done with the two equipment, WhatsApp will be the last hay. We hope people have another messages app sorted!

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