Waves of freedom of speech in reign of various leaders

Here comes another freedom of speech and expression when Pope Francis of Vatican City supports and demands protection of homosexuals.

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United Nations 1948 Charter of Human Rights grant freedom of speech and expression in its article 19 (a) (b). The charter limits some liberties (verbal – nonverbal as well at the same time to avoid anarchy, chaos, sensationalization, skirmishes, battles and so the wars.(Constitution: Uno.org)

Charlie Hebdo Magazine

The magazine Charlie Hebdo published caricatures violating the charter and their intermittent projection set ablaze the emotions of the Muslim community. Muslim the major civilization Samuel P Huntington pointed years ago as a potential danger for others can also be tagged as misuse of speech and expression simultaneously.

Donald Trump and free speech

With the passage of time this nefarious activity got air and came into Vogue. It kept on changing shapes and forms. Sometimes Donald Trump associate Islam as a radical religion. Washington posts posted “Trump’s issues a new travel ban for citizens from six majority Muslim countries.” The same pattern Emmanuel Macron follows.

President Emmanuel Macron has strongly defended the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet on free speech grounds says Al-Jazeera.

Pope Francis and free speech

Here comes another freedom of speech and expression when Pope Francis of Vatican City supports and demands protection of homosexuals. This speech also goes against the fabric of the society but not being considered that harmful by the ‘Great Think Tanks’ as it suits to their vested interests. ‘Ley de convivencia civil’, to give them legal protection, AP.

Jacinda Arden

Then there came oxygenated air of peace in the guise of Jacinda Arden the applauded Prime Minister of New Zealand who stood firm with the cause of the Muslims wearing dupatta. She is being idealized as a true leader who negated all huhs and hushs created an atmosphere of peace, pluralism harmony and respected the difference.

“Christchurch shooting, her swift implementation of practical measures and her refusal to be sucked into anti-Islamic rhetoric provides a lesson other countries should follow “, The Guardian.

Justin Trudeau and Free speech

Justin Trudeau’s message on Eid the major festival of Muslims costs him nothing except the spread of sense of collectivism. He said “Our government will stand with Canada’s Muslims communities and continue to fight against Islamophobia and Hatred in all its forms “, published in The News International.

Attack on Peshawar Medressah

Attack at Peshawar Medressah the education institution of children is the practical manifestation of these expressions committed by hate agents. Pakistan has been long projected as a land of extremism. Well, nobody can kill his own children to exercise extremity.

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The bombing brought back the fresh memories of the attack on a military school in Peshawar six years ago that more than one hundred and fifty dead, mostly children, The BBC. Time to re-define the lines that are set on fault. High time to rebuild confidence and reduce trust deficit.

Freedom With Responsibility 

Although these waves go parallel yet it’s grave time to measure the after-effects. These can bring about Tsunamis and earthquakes from the virtual world to reality. Real Corona pandemic needs to cure in governance to exercise laws and bring to book these agents not suitable for a peaceful society. Freedom of expression and speech should be exercised in its spirit not just letters yet with responsibility.

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