Ushna Shah Calls Out Trolls Who Criticized Her Wedding Dress

Pakistani actress Ushna Shah appears on Urdu television. She is one of the industry’s most stunning women who have consistently been in the news for something they do or says.  She is incredibly outspoken and opinionated which is why there have been multiple times when fans have not agreed with her and haven’t hesitated to show it either. She is well-known for nailing every role she plays and also for rocking both eastern and western cultures through her style. Ushna Shah recently declared her love for her beau Hamza Amin on Instagram, and the two later attended their romantic baat pakki celebration with mostly family.

The star also proposed pictures of her dreamy sunset beach proposal. And fans had been waiting for the grand wedding ever since. Then, earlier this weekend, glimpses of their wedding made their way to Instagram through different celebrities’ Instagram stories. Although no one had seen the real-time photos of the couple, speculations about the setting, theme, the bride’s dress, and literally everything had already begun. However, here’s the video that Ushna posted on her Instagram of her big day.

Several famous people from the Pakistani film industry attended the wedding. Hamza Amin was dressed in an off-white sherwani, while Ushna Shah was wearing a bright red lehnga with absolutely beautiful threadwork from top to bottom that was designed by Wardha Saleem.

Image Source: Reviewit. pk

The fans immediately had a lot to say about Ushna Shah’s bridal dress. Many were of the opinion that the bride looked extremely “Indian” and some even said she looked “Mangolian”. People on Instagram were also not happy about the dress being so revealing and for not being traditional enough. Here are some comments.

Multiple comments like these were seen under Ushna’s wedding posts. Later she even responded to the hate she was receiving. Have a look at her story.

The rest of the night, Instagram was flooded with more videos and pictures of the big wedding. Herbie Sahara, a well-known international performer, gave a performance during her wedding. For Ushna Shah’s wedding, the musician performed Billo Ni Tera Laal Ghaghra, one of his most well-known songs. She also danced to the song’s and her video surfaced on the internet and which only upset the public more. Here it is.

Ushna Shah received criticism for “planning” an Indian-style wedding and for the public’s disapproval of her dance. Her dancing was also made fun of by Facebook users. They claimed that she is wearing too little clothing and that her dress choice is also incorrect. “She forgot to wear Mangal Sootar & Sindoor,” a Facebook user commented. They claimed that instead of a wedding, the acts were more reminiscent of an overrated concert. Many social media users claimed that she made a poor impression on her big day because she chose a horrible outfit and cut.

But at the end of the day, it was her big day, her wedding, her dress. Does being a celebrity mean having no freedom of choice even at your wedding? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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