US Presidential Election: Debate of Donald Trump VS Joe Biden

Donald Trump will run against former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden in the November 3 US presidential election. The first presidential debate between the two candidates is underway in Ohio.

Republican presidential candidate and current President Donald Trump will run against former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden in the November 3 US presidential election. The first presidential debate between the two candidates i.e Donald Trump and Joe Biden is underway in Ohio.

During the campaign, the team of candidates conducts various programs in an organized manner, but at the stage of the debate, the entire campaign is in the hands of the candidate and this is the moment that is considered the most dangerous.

Senior journalist Chris Wallace, who is affiliated with Fox News, is hosting the discussion. He is asking questions to both the candidates one by one and giving them 2 minutes to answer.

However, while giving answers, the two presidential candidates also get tangled with each other, to which Chris Wallace intervened and asked them to answer according to the rules.

According to the constitution, the two presidential candidates did not shake hands before the start of the debate due to adherence to social norms due to the coronavirus pandemic. The families of both candidates are also present.

Nomination in the Supreme Court before the election?

Chris Wallace’s first question to Trump was about the nomination of the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and why he was nominating him. In this regard, Biden’s position is that the nomination of a judge should take place after the election.

Trump’s position is that since he won the election, he has the right to choose a judge. Trump is very calm while answering questions. He cited Justice Amy Connie Barrett for the Supreme Court, saying she was good in every way.

At the same time, he reiterated that he had been elected president for four years and not for three.

US Health system

During the debate on the health system, presidential candidates also took an emotional approach.

Joe Biden asked Trump about Obama’s health care. He said Donald Trump has no plans for healthcare. In response, Trump said Obama’s career is a disaster, no matter how well you manage it. He added that a large number of Americans are deprived of basic health care.

Chris Wallace asked about the coronavirus and said it was a serious question.

What will they do by the beginning of next year?

 Why should they be trusted for public health?

Trump claimed that if Biden had been US President, more than 200,000 Americans would have died from Corona

Joe Biden accused Trump of covering up the dangers of the pandemic. In response, Trump criticized his political career, saying he had done nothing for 47 years.


Chris Wallace asked both candidates what sort of plans they have to revive the economy after the lockdown.

Trump claims to have built the largest economy in history.

He says the unemployment rate before the coronavirus was extremely low, millions of Americans were lifted out of poverty and the United States experienced historic economic growth.

Chris Wallace asked President Trump if it was true that he paid $750 in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017. In response, President Trump said, “I paid millions of dollars, I paid 38 million dollars a year and 27 million dollars in another year.”

When Biden challenged him to show his taxes, Trump said he would see them when the audit was over.

Affect of Presidential Debates on US Presidential Election

Even though the trend of watching TV is decreasing now, millions of Americans still turn on their television sets every day.

In 1960, Democratic Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard Nixon first joined the TV debate.

Kennedy’s team made sure he looked fresh to those close to him, while Mr Nixon was recovering from an illness.

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His suit was not fitting, and he was wiping his sweat.

Most of the 70 million TV viewers felt that the young Mr Kennedy had won. Only those who work on the radio thought that Mr Nixon was more experienced.

Republican candidate Ronald Reagan defeated President Jimmy Carter in a short and interesting debate in 1980.

In 2000, L Gorey was competing with George W. Bush.

Next debates of Trump and Biden for US Presidential Election

One of the three presidential debates on the agenda is taking place today, while the second and third will take place in October.

  • October 15 in Miami, Florida
  • October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee

Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris will also compete. It will take place on October 7 in Salem Lake City.

All of these discussions will begin at 2:30 pm GMT, with no promotional breaks.