US presidential debate : Candidates accused each other on national security

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will run against former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden in the November 3 US presidential election 2020. The second and final US presidential debate between the two candidates took place in Nashville, Tennessee.

The 90-minute debate was hosted by NBC News Channel journalist Kirsten Welker, who asked questions from both candidates one by one and were given two minutes to answer.

The two presidential candidates did not shake hands before the debate due to adherence to the rules of social distancing to avoid Covid-19 spread.

The second and final discussion focused on Code 19, national security, American families, racism, climate change, and leadership skills.
It is to be noted that the Commission for Debate between Presidential Candidates in the United States adopted a new rule for the debate of US presidential election 2020, under which the mic of the rival candidate was turned off for two minutes during the initial speech so that the candidate with podium be able to complete his argument without any intervention.

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People are learning how to die with Covid-19

The second and final presidential debate began with the question related to the coronavirus. In response, US President Donald Trump said that the coronavirus vaccine will arrive in a few days.

He said that he had learned a lot from being infected with the virus.

“99% of young people have recovered from it, 99% of people got infection have recovered, we have to recover.”

He added, “We are learning to live with the virus. We can’t lock ourselves in a basement like Biden. ”

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“People are learning to die with it,” Biden said in response.

Joe Biden also said that Trump does not take responsibility for the crisis, in response to which Trump said he takes responsibility, but he immediately blamed China for the crisis.

President Trump said, “They (China) have not been able to stop it from spreading in the world.”

Trump accuses Biden of taking money from Russia

Talks on national security turned into a debate over foreign political influence, with both presidential candidates blaming each other. Trump accused Biden’s family of taking money from Russian state officials. Meanwhile, Trump, defended himself saying “I never took money from Russia, I never took money from Russia.” President Trump said that during his presidency, he persuaded NATO countries to raise money for security from Russia.

Talks on national security turned into a debate over foreign political influence
Talks on national security turned into a debate over foreign political influence

“There is no one harder than me in the case of Russia,” he said.

“They were paying you a lot of money and probably still do,” he told Biden.

President Trump also mentioned the “terrible emails” found on the laptop, which allegedly belonged to Joe Biden’s son Hunter. It should be noted that under Biden’s vice presidency, his son was working in a gas company in Ukraine.

In response, Biden said, “I have never received a penny from any country.” He added that Trump was enriched by foreigners, including the Chinese.

Racism in America

Advocating for law enforcement, Trump declares he does not believe racism is an issue within the US police force.

Biden, on the other hand, who sees racism as an organized problem, said: “there is institutional racism in the United States.”

Trump also reiterated his vision of being the best president for black Americans. He said Biden had been in politics for years but had done nothing for the black community.

Biden said that in addition to ending violence, the black community should have better access to things such as education, financial aid and security.

The strategy of both candidates to address the challenges of climate change

In response to a question about climate change, Donald Trump said he loves the environment and wants clean water and air.

“We have the lowest number of carbon emissions,” he said. He also accused China and Russia of being “dirty”.

In this part of the discussion, Biden said that it is our moral responsibility to develop a strategy to tackle climate change. He also said that if Donald Trump becomes president for another four years, we will have a real problem in this regard.

Joe Biden also said that his climate plan would “create millions of jobs” if he is elected as president.

It should be noted that the first of the three debates for the US presidential election 2020 on the agenda took place on September 30 in Ohio, while the second debate on October 15 in Miami, Florida was cancelled.

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