US election: Regime of Donald Trump to be back

As it is presumed that the US election day is gradually approaching, the United States of America causing an intense air of jim-jams provoked as the people become very much paranoid and exhausted with some drastic laxities which were performed by Trump in the days to be passed, with the very context amidst COVID-19.

“You know the funny thing; I don’t get along with rich people. I get along with the middle class and the poor people better than I get along with the rich people.”Oh! That’s what the saying of our ever-genius Donald Trump, a tendentious persona of 21 century whose real excitement is specifically endowed with playing the mere game. The quotes of Donald Trump would do a great job to boost up the morale of his loved ones within the time of the US election.

As it is presumed that the US election day is gradually approaching, the United States of America causing an intense air of jim-jams provoked as the people become very much paranoid and exhausted with some drastic laxities which were performed by Trump in the days to be passed, with the very context amidst COVID-19.

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This indifference pertaining to almost 60% Americans thus, challenges the distinct victory of Trump and so a plus point for Joe Biden. A strong entrant of Trump in the US election seemed to be the former vice president of America. It is discerned that despite some dire upheavals and socio-political bloopers of Trump, there must be an option of giving him a second chance of being a substantial presidential status of the USA as compared to the antagonist, Joe Biden.

As being a critical analyzer of the backdrop of accomplished impediments executed by both the pioneers, it is to be seen that in some ingredients Donald Trump sought to be more reliable and proved himself being an ardent head of state as far as Joe Biden is concerned.

US election: Historic presidential debates vs current debates

Historically we’ve seen various presidential debates exchanging hot inclinations on the rostrum like Bill Clinton and George Bush, Richard Nixon and John Kennedy etc. However, the worst debate position throughout history goes to them.

Milestones in the US to achieve

There are certain profound subject matters which comprises once eligibility of whether he was embraced or have the privilege of being elected or not for instance Judiciary resentments, economical notches, Military confinement, race, integrity, progression, Health, amelioration of living standards, legislative Herculean and social upgrading.

In the world of creative sufferings it is utmost impossible to cop up with all the challenges in a mere span of five years especially when pestilence is wandering all around, thus almost paralyzed your socio-economic circlet. So, in this cumbersome reign of 21st century when everything seems to me quite venturing, I found the telegraph of achievements of Trump quite high prompting me drawing a gist that he is somehow compatible and provocative at least for the next five years as far as these sorts of circumstances are concerned.

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About 55% community of USA is subjected to vote, Trump just because they don’t want Joe Biden to become their next coming president despite drawing several hypocritical exertions and statements presenting Trump as a mere black figure,

First and the utmost is that he rejuvenated the system of federal judiciary simply by appointing about 205 judges in the federal bench along with the pronounced installation of two supreme court justices overall, for lifetime rendezvous. The courts get the substantial privilege to declare the final say in the political frame of the USA, regarding the deposition of respective precedents that can serve the country soil in the coming years.

“By December, Trump nominees made up roughly 25% of all US circuit court judges, according to an analysis by The Washington Post.

It is to be noted that if his presidency got shunned through the electoral ballot of 2020, it promulgates its impact on the system of US as he introduced a sheer number of prudent federal judges as his devotees and loyal to the state.

Then secondly, he by preferring the legislative body to be an essential scrap of a country pertaining to global power, he sets forth the First Step Act Into the law asserting some utilitarian reforms in the criminal justice system along with some relative amends in the criminal prison also. As one of the Republican Michelle Mark summarized the key aspects of the legislation after it passed in the Senate last year:

  • “The passage of the bill…marked the first major legislative win in decades to address mass incarceration at the federal level.
  • The bill overhauls certain federal sentencing laws, reducing mandatory minimum sentences for drug felonies and expanding early-release programs.
  • The bill also makes retroactive a 2010 federal sentencing law reducing the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine offences.
  • The bill also aims to lower recidivism by offering more rehabilitation and job-training opportunities, and it includes provisions intended to treat prisoners humanely — banning the shackling of pregnant inmates, halting the use of solitary confinement for most juvenile inmates, and mandating that prisoners be placed in facilities within 500 miles from their families.”

Hence, he forged the impeachment of the legislative body which plays as one of the very pillar of once country drawing its image to be strict and obstinate which proves a positive point on his behalf as well.

Moreover, we are gradually striking the way towards tremendous hi-tech advancement in which if you retain your present condition you have to maintain your pace with its fast-moving animations in order to remain on that same position (or you can say global power as far as the USA is concerned) and so this pace in nowadays being conserved by the one who becomes totally unorthodox material mass bloke who has an insight of seeing the world realistically and a subject matter of advancement on a broader spectrum with certain tendons of potency in him.

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That’s what the qualities of a real genius man of today which I found In Trump despite being lots of pros and cons conducted by him rather than Joe Biden as he is till now unable to pronounce himself as a great leader without any particular motives or objectives and so is less known by the republicans.

Words of Donald Trump in an inauguration ceremony posed to leave his footprints on the sand of time as: “Part of being a winner is knowing when enough is enough. Sometimes you have to give up the fight and walk away and move on to something that’s more productive.”