US comedian Kevin Hart spotted in Dubai ahead of Saudi show  

DUBAI: US comedian Kevin Hart — who is set to perform in Riyadh for the first time as part of his “Reality Check” world tour on Feb. 25 — has been spotted in Dubai.

Taking to Instagram, Hart posted a picture with Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa in the background, adding the comment, “I’m not little….I’m just always standing around big things or sitting in big chairs…. I’m a GIANT in my mind!!!!! It’s all perspective if you ask me.” He also shared a photo of himself sitting on a giant sofa.



The comedian also had his debut show in Egypt cancelled due to “logistical issues.” 

The news follows an outpouring of anger in the country over his alleged past comments in support of Afrocentrism. 



R Productions, the Egyptian event management company behind Hart’s tour, cited “local logistical issues” in a Facebook post on Monday that announced the cancellation. 

However, Hart faced a flood of criticism in the Arab world’s most populous country for reportedly advocating for children to learn about Black Africans as kings of ancient Egypt, rather than having them focus on the era of African enslavement in the US. Despite the uproar such comments caused among some netizens in Egypt, the alleged comments cannot be independently verified by Arab News.  


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