US Capitol Riots: Trump once again impeached for inciting the supporters

The US Capitol riots left a drastic impact on the reputation of the country. However, the former President of the US Donald Trump has been charged twice by the authorities for inciting the supporters to initiate an awkward situation.

A huge commotion seems to take the Capitol building in the US. US Capitol riots that caused the tumult tried to enter the Capitol building. The situation seemed to be violent as the police couldn’t handle it. The former President of the US Donald Trump has been impeached twice for inciting the supporters to take the hazardous step in the state.

It was a rally that came on behalf of Trump and caused a massive disturbance at the Capitol building. Shameful and embarrassing behavior of Trump and Rally made a really bad impression across the whole globe. And the world leaders gave reactions to this violent behaviour at the capitol of the US.

Rally at the capitol building

The images taken from the capitol house were astonishing. Ransacking the hallowed halls of the government. They were replacing the stars and stripes with Trump flags. Thousands of trump supporters caravanning from all over the country to contest what they called a rigged event and to hear Trump one more time.

Trump addressing to the Rally

Trump said to the rally that together they will stop the steal. Apparently Spurred on by the Strident Rhetoric from the President and his supporters saying, ‘Let’s have trial by Combat’. The rally turned into a march upon the President’s urging. Trump addressing the rally said that they are going to walk down to Capitol.

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Some of the protestors believing, incorrectly, President Donald Trump was marching with them. Saying, that President Trump is actually leading the crowd. Once at the Capitol, the crowd, which included members of group women for America first, the silent majority, the proud boys, as well as QANON supporters became unruly.

Protestors became Looters

Pushing pass over the match and outnumbered capitol held police. Protestors became looters, turning the capitol inside out. Sadly, four people died in the Chaos, including 14 year Air Force Veteran Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed as rioters.

The situation amid the US Capitol riots got massively disturbing when protestors attempted to break into the locked corridor. Just the day before, Babbitt tweeted that nothing will stop them, the storm is here. And it’s descending upon DC.

Stunned lawmakers on both sides of the Aisle Mourn the loss of life and rebuke the unprecedented breach from secure bunkers inside the capitol.

Police action towards the rally

Reporters said that it’s a disgrace for anyone to tolerate anybody to come in and try to shut down our government.

Many questions appeared. Questions about why the police were not better prepared?

It may seem that they never thought people would try to enter the Capitol building. The last time there was a storming of the Capitol grounds, during the Vietnam war in 1971. But those demonstrations made a point of sitting on the capitol steps. They did not try to get in. Said by the reporters.

Violent Crowd

This crowd turned to be far more violent and bent not on protesting but taking over and shutting down the vote count. This violence took another turn when Trump spoke to the rally crowd to repeat the false claim that he was the winner of the US presidential election that took place in November.

Different leaders’ reaction to the disgraceful scene

Different leaders in the world said that there is a mixture of shock, disbelief and horror. Hearing very strong words coming from different leaders. Even the United Kingdom’s President said that there were disgraceful scenes in the US congress.

Let’s see what the upcoming days tell us about the violent scene that took place during the US Capitol riots and let’s also see what the outcome of this double impeachment on trump be like.