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The Rise of UL Solutions: A Look at the Company’s IPO and Business Model

Key Takeaways

  • UL Solutions filed for an initial public offering (IPO) Tuesday, aiming to raise up to $812 million.
  • UL Solutions provides safety-focused testing, inspection, and certification services, as well as software products and advisory offerings.
  • The company disclosed a decline in net income in 2023 but highlighted its stable growth and profitability track record.
  • UL Solutions anticipates increased demand for its services driven by emerging technologies.

UL Solutions, an applied safety science company, recently made headlines by filing for an initial public offering (IPO) with the aim of raising up to $812 million. The company, known for its safety-focused testing, inspection, and certification services, as well as software products and advisory offerings, is set to trade on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker “ULS.”

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The IPO is expected to consist of 28 million shares priced between $26 and $29 per share, offering investors a chance to be part of UL Solutions’ journey as a publicly traded company. This move comes amidst a flurry of IPOs in the market, with companies like Rubrik and Reddit also making their debut.

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What Does UL Solutions Do?

UL Solutions has been a pioneer in providing testing, inspection, and certification services to ensure the safety and security of various products. With a rich history dating back to 1894, the company has expanded its scope beyond electrical and fire hazards to encompass a broader range of safety, security, and sustainability solutions.

As UL Solutions CEO Jenny Scanlon puts it, the UL Mark is a symbol of trust that signifies compliance with safety standards across billions of products used by people worldwide. The company’s offerings span two key business segments: Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) and Software and Advisory (S&A).

First Look at Financials Shows Declining Income

In its recent S-1 filing, UL Solutions provided insights into its financial performance. While the company reported a revenue increase from $2.52 billion in 2022 to $2.68 billion in 2023, there was a decline in net income from $309 million to $276 million during the same period.

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Despite the dip in net income, UL Solutions emphasized its attractive business model that has consistently delivered stable growth and profitability. With over 80,000 customers in 2023, the company highlighted the strong demand for its complementary TIC and S&A offerings among its client base.

Revenue breakdown by segments revealed that Certification Testing and Ongoing Certification Services were the primary revenue drivers for UL Solutions in 2023. The company also noted the significant role of emerging technologies in fueling demand for its services.

Emerging Tech Could Increase Demand

UL Solutions acknowledged the impact of emerging technologies on the demand for TIC services. With a 7% market share in the outsourced product TIC market valued at $38 billion in 2022, the company sees a growing need for its services as technologies evolve and product complexity increases.

As products become more technologically advanced, the risk profile rises, necessitating ongoing TIC services to ensure compliance with evolving standards and regulations. UL Solutions is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend and support its clients in navigating the complexities of emerging technologies.

In conclusion, UL Solutions’ IPO marks a significant milestone for the company as it looks to leverage its expertise in safety science to drive growth and innovation in a rapidly evolving market. With a strong track record of delivering reliable solutions to a diverse client base, UL Solutions is poised to make a lasting impact in the safety and security industry.

For more information on UL Solutions’ IPO and business model, visit Investopedia.

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