Ukraine War: Zelensky Warns of Deteriorating Situation in Bakhmut

The situation in the city of Bakhmut, on the eastern frontline of Ukraine, is becoming increasingly dire. Russian forces have been attempting to take the city for over six months, and their efforts have recently intensified. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has stated that the enemy is constantly destroying everything that can be used to protect their positions.

In response to this, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned China against arming Russia during a visit to Kyiv on Monday. She stated that any move from China to supply military equipment to Russia would lead to “severe” consequences. Yellen also noted that while Russia’s economy had not yet buckled under the vast sanctions imposed by Western powers, she expected it to weaken over time.

President Zelensky also called for modern combat aircraft to be sent so that “the entire territory of our country” can be defended from “Russian terror”. He expressed his gratitude to those who are heroically defending Bakhmut.

The US has been providing economic and budget aid to Ukraine, with Secretary Yellen announcing the latest transfer of $1.25bn (£1bn). President Joe Biden also visited Kyiv last week and declared that Washington would stand with Ukraine for as long as it took to win the war.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken claimed that China was considering supplying weapons and ammunition to Russia, though Beijing strongly denied the claim. A meeting between China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in Moscow last week raised suspicions of China’s close ties with Russia.

The situation in Bakhmut is becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous. The Ukrainian government is relying on support from the US and other Western powers to help them protect their territory from Russian aggression. It remains to be seen how China will respond to US warnings against arming Russia, and how this will affect the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.