UFO Sightings: US had no explanation, according to a report

The US administration has stated that it has no explanation for the dozens of unidentified UFO sightings that military pilots have spotted. According to a Pentagon assessment issued on Friday, all but one of the 144 complaints filed regarding the phenomenon since 2004 have remained unexplained.

It doesn’t rule out the potential that the items are from another planet.

After the US military reported multiple instances of objects moving erratically in the sky, Congress sought the report.

Last August, the Pentagon formed the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force to investigate the reports.

The group’s mission, according to the Pentagon, was to “identify, analyze, and catalogue” these occurrences as well as “get insight” into the “nature and origins” of UFOs sighting.

What is the content of the report?

The majority of the 144 recorded occurrences of UFO sightings, or UAP, occurred in the previous two years after the US Navy established a standardized reporting procedure, according to the initial report released on Friday.

They “lack adequate information in our dataset to attribute occurrences to specific reasons” in 143 of the reported cases.

It also stated that there were “no clear signs” of a non-terrestrial explanation for the aircraft, but did not rule it out.

According to the paper, UAP “probably lacks a single explanation.” Some could be technologies from another country, such as China or Russia, while others could be natural atmospheric phenomena, such as ice crystals, which could be detected by radar systems, while others could be “attributable to developments and classified programs by US entities,” according to the report.

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According to the paper, the only case they could identify “with high certainty” was “a huge, deflated balloon.”

It goes on to say that the UAP is a “clear safety of flight problem” that could jeopardize US national security. The task force is now “searching for creative approaches to increase collection” of reports and acquire more data, and “extra financing” could “further exploration of the problems brought out in this report,” according to the task force.

What proof is there?

In April 2020, the US Department of Defense released videos of the UAPs. The US Navy was alleged to have filmed them. Two retired Navy pilots recounted witnessing an entity in the Pacific Ocean that seemed to follow their movements in a CBS News 60 Minutes segment last month.

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The white oblong mints were characterized by one pilot as a “small white Tic-Tac-looking item.” “And that’s precisely what it looked like,” witness and former Navy pilot Alex Dietrich told BBC News. “Except it was travelling very quickly and very erratically, and we couldn’t predict which direction it was going to turn or how it was manoeuvring the way that it was, or the propulsion system.”

“There was no visible smoke trail or propulsion. It didn’t appear to have any flight control surfaces to manoeuvre in the manner it was.”