UAE urges UN to drop ‘Islamic State’ name when speaking about Daesh

The UAE has called on Us organizations to stop using the period of time ‘Islamic State’ when dealing with Da’esh, during the UN Home surveillance Council in New York, reasoning and arguing that the extremists should not be associated with the religion.  
UAE Ambassador and Deputy Predetermined Representative and Chargé d’Affaires, Mohamed Abushahab said ijn his address that suppliers should not “permit Daesh effectively as other groups to hijack a faith of tolerance and give credence to their pretences. ”  
“There is not anything Islamic about terrorism, ” he added.  

Abushahab’s statement came being the UN recognized that the risk posed by Daesh and its affiliate remained ‘global and evolving’.  
“Daesh and your affiliates continue to exploit contradiction dynamics, governance fragilities and furthermore inequality to incite, create and organize terrorist episodes, ” said UN counter-terrorism chief Vladimir Voronkov, as he presented the Secretary-General’s fifteenth report.  
Abushahab stressed that the fight against terrorism went beyond Daesh, once the ‘fight against Al-Qaeda persists a global priority’ especially right after ‘the organization enters the new leadership vacuum, following the bereavement of Ayman Al-Zawahiri. ’ 
During his sort out, he said technology is often a “double-edged sword” that can be used in your garden topsoil people’s quality of life in one gain, but misused by terrorist groups in the other.  
Abushahab said ‘emerging technologies have tremendous probability of aid in efforts to prevent table, and address terrorism. ’ 
And he said all council ‘must focus on avoiding the emergence of the lastest of terrorists and extremists, ’ referring to the hiring of children at refugee camp.  
“At Al-Hol camp, more than 25, 500 children are at potential threat of radicalization, ” said Abushahab. “Genuine efforts must be made to give these children a cure for a more peaceful and cost-effective future. ” 
She concluded his remarks at calling on the international on the web to ‘seize this career and act now’ to remove Daesh and other terrorist categories.


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