UAE fuel prices drop by 45 fils per liter that kicks off in august

DUBAI: The UAE announced that Super 98 petrol will cost AED 4. 03 per liter starting Wednesday Aug. 1 – sesenta fils less than July.
The cost of Special 95 oil also dropped by 50 fils from AED 3. 52 to AED 2.5. 92 per liter, based on the Emirates General Petroleum Corporation’s (Emarat) announcement on Bebo.  

Emarat says people will now be deferred AED 3. 84 by liter for E-Plus 91, as opposed to the previous month’s recharges of AED 4. forty-four.
Meanwhile, the price for diesel-engined dropped by 62 rejet, now costing AED 4l. 14 per liter as compared to AED 4. 76 as July.
The lowering of fuel prices is in distinction with global crude oil values and follows two successive months of price nature hikes in the UAE.


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