Turkish PM Erdogan’s reforms for settling Kurds

Erdogan has to develop some flexibility in his infrastructural reforms heeding towards marginalized Kurds according to their good demands.

In this persistent era of Socio-economic Warfare in which everyone is trying to fit on the frame of survival of the fittest, Kurds are also striving to get their own identity and rights for a decade, which followed Turkish PM Erdogan’s reforms. Being a marginalized ethnic group besides the territorial boundary of Turkey, Erdogan ties with Turkish people seem not so friendly.

In spite of the various Ethnographic tensions between them and the prevailed series of transgressions in Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, The President of Turkey, proposed certain reforms for the provision of the Kurdish people in 2013. But it seems that the Kurds were finding these amends to be insufficient for themselves. Actually, for centuries there is a long conflict between the ideologies of both parties that whenever Peace Negotiations happen, with the intervention of outside forces, it suspends.

In Turkey, there are almost more than 40,000 lives that pay off for their rivalry. Recently media reports that the Turk President vowed to extend operations against the Kurdistan worker Party (PKK) as 13 dead bodies of Turkish soldiers and police officers have been found in a cave complex in Gare in Kurdish-run Northern Iraq during a Turkish military operation, designed to free them. Persistent fallouts in Turkey are blamed on Kurdish People Democratic Party having alleged links with PKK.

Why did great Turkey get offensive?

If we see in the backdrop, we find that Kurds in northern Syria have been backed by the US as a crucial ally against the Islamist States. Therefore, it causes Erdogan being a pioneer of a Muslim-majority state and one of the US’s great competitors; He becomes actually fearful that Kurds are securing power over the territorial boundaries of the state.

The United States wanted an ally in Northeastern Syria to get an upper hand in the fight against Muslims. Although Kurds are comprised of the predominantly ethnic group of Muslims still they have their own Cultural impediments and linguistic capabilities. They had promised to get their own separate state by the western states. Soon their fervor was shattered by Turkish authorities who wanted them to be part of the Turkish people. This causes Kurds to trespass enormities across the country in the name of Kurdish Nationalism gaining continuous clouts from Americans.

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Thus it seems to be indirect diplomatic involvement of the USA to get an upper hand against the Islamic States as well as Islamization. Although, PKK was designated as a militant group by both Turkey, Europe, USA the western support for PKK affiliated forces fighting over the border of Syria has ceased the negotiations between Washington and Ankara. That’s what resulted to think harshly upon this matter in the restricted circle of maintained political and economic stability of the country.

Kurd’s history witnessed that how Turks exactly carried their behavior towards them. Today there are approximately 30 million Kurds residing across the region upon which half of them belong to Turkey. All the way Kurds wanted to be autonomous terrain but only Iraq got its status to be a sovereign country where the Kurdish community lives, as Iraq Kurdistan.  

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Although, Turkish PM Erdogan’s reforms to give the Kurds proper rights as far as language and electoral mandate is concerned but still Kurds were unsatisfied with the reforms. Erdogan at various times offer Kurds to be the same as Turkish people but for the sake of their very cultural ideology, they resist that inception.

Turkish authority through the evidence of various happenings in the past seemed to be the one who is suppressing the latter. They never got satisfied by the government of Turkey which resulted in the eruption of violation in Turkey by the so-called terrorists. It appears that Turks are somehow trying to assimilate their respective ethnic identity into the folk Turkish identity or you can say a clear denial from Turkish authority to Kurdish cultural identity and linguistics rights. Their acceptance is only possible when they are referred to as Turkish citizens as Omer Taspinar, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution words depicts:

“The problem begins when they want a hyphenated identity”

Hence, Turkish PM Erdogan’s reforms move with great diplomacy on that special platform of getting some settlement with Kurds which Kurds strictly knockback.

Turkey-Kurd scenario 

If this problem would not be resolved by the Turk government, it imposes severe implications on both sides of the story. As Turkey’s economy is in turmoil nowadays so it has to be addressed very first hand. It not only impacts the Regional Socio-Political stability on the International level but also for various foreign investments and trade executions in Turkey.

However, with the dissolution of one’s identity in this postmodern regime where everyone is well- aware of his humanitarian rights, it is not absurd to say that one never accepts the power of dominancy. Erdogan has to develop some flexibility in his infrastructural reforms heeding towards marginalized Kurds according to their good demands. Only then, both sides will be able to move with peaceful adjustments in their respective locale rather than coming to blows.