Top 10 Space Events in the UK for May 2024 (Suitable for All Ages)

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Top 10 Space Events in the UK for May 2024 (Suitable for All Ages)

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Step into a realm where the boundaries of our world dissolve, and the cosmos beckon with celestial wonders! May 2024 unfolds its cosmic tapestry across the United Kingdom, offering a stellar array of space events that will mesmerize both young stargazers and seasoned astronomers alike. From captivating planetarium shows to thrilling space camps, embark on a journey through our top 10 picks of space events awaiting you this May. Whether you’re a curious kid with dreams of touching the stars or an adult seeking the thrill of cosmic discovery, there’s an event tailor-made for you!

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1. An Exciting Event with the James Webb Space Telescope
When: May 1
Where: Space Park Leicester, Leicester
Explore the wonders of space with the revolutionary James Webb Space Telescope. Join Dr. Mark Clampin, Astrophysics Division Director at NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, as he delves into the latest discoveries that are providing a giant leap forward in our quest to understand the universe and its origins.

2. Unraveling the Cosmic Mystery of Extraterrestrial Life
When: May 1
Where: The Royal Institution, London
Join Lisa Kaltenegger, founding director of Cornell University’s Carl Sagan Institute, as she takes you on an enthralling journey across the Universe. Discover extraordinary exoplanets and learn how Earth can be used as a Rosetta Stone to decode the potential for life on distant planets.

3. Global Space Party in the Heart of London
When: May 10
Where: Dockside Vaults, London
Immerse yourself in an unforgettable fusion of space-themed festivities and educational outreach at the inaugural Global Space Party. Experience the wonder of human space exploration while enjoying music, art, science, and culture. Let’s unite under the stars and celebrate our shared journey into the cosmos.

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4. Exploring the World of Space Entrepreneurship
When: May 16
Where: Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) Conference, Glasgow
Delve into the boundless opportunities in the world of space entrepreneurship. This conference brings together speakers from academia, industry, and security to explore the emerging challenges in the commercial space sector. Learn how to prioritize cyber security and resilience planning to create a secure and thriving entrepreneurial space sector.

5. Eyeing Your Universe – Valuing Inclusion Workshop
When: May 18
Where: Slough Museum, Slough
Meet Caroline Herschel, the first paid and celebrated female astronomer, and hear her story of being a female scientist and making discoveries. Participate in workshops where you can make a comet, draw your own, and learn what to look for when comets visit Earth. These workshops are for families with children from Years 4 – 9 living in the Slough area.

6. The Role of Space Doctors and Human Physiology at the Final Frontier
When: May 22
Where: UCLan Greenbank Lecture Theatre, Preston
Get an insight into the role of space doctors and explore the impact of space exploration on the human body. Discover what is possible in terms of health practices on Earth and learn how to give advice even with a 9-minute communications delay. This talk is suitable for aspiring astronauts, medics, and curious earthlings alike.

7. Meet John Herschel and Explore Astronomy’s Influence on Our Lives
When: May 25
Where: Slough Museum, Slough
Meet John Herschel, a celebrated influencer of his time, and learn about his scientific pursuits. Try out one of his inventions, cyanotypes, and gain insights into ultraviolet light, our Sun, chemistry, and the birth of the Royal Astronomical Society.

8. Space Camp: An Out-of-this-World Experience for Kids
When: May 28
Where: King’s College London Guy’s Campus, London
Welcome to Space Camp, where the cosmos becomes your playground! Kids will embark on an action-packed week filled with space-inspired activities. They will work alongside real astronauts to build their own model rocket, discover the secrets of living onboard the International Space Station, explore NASA’s latest rocket, and design and build a futuristic Martian colony.

9. Insights from Observations: The Cosmic Microwave Background
When: May 29
Where: Conway Hall, London
This lecture looks at how insight is derived from observations, considering the cosmic microwave background (CMB). Discover the oldest light in the Universe emitted just 400,000 years after the Big Bang and learn about conditions at the Universe’s beginning. Explore how measurements of the Universe’s expansion, made using the CMB, are leading to unexpected results and creating tension in modern cosmology.

10. Dive into the Depths of Space with the Mobile Planetarium
When: May 30
Where: Preston Guild Hall, Preston
Step into the wonders of the universe with the Mobile Planetarium. Dive into the depths of space and explore the mysteries of the night sky. This immersive experience will leave you in awe of the vastness and beauty of our cosmos.

Book your spot now to experience out-of-this-world emotions, boost your space knowledge, and get inspired! May 2024 is set to be a cosmic month of exploration and discovery in the United Kingdom. Don’t miss out on these incredible space events suitable for all ages.

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