The US Election results: In Between the Whirlpool of Uncertainty, Optimism

The air of uncertainty, claims of victory, settled allegations are generating a whirlpool of confusion and anxiety amid the US election results

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Results of votes can be seen at the states’ pages as well as different institutions’ sites. The town is heading now to declare one the President of the U.S. Sources say around 15000 votes have left to be counted that are going to be decisive. Let’s see to whom’s court the ball is thrown. Mail on ballots from Atlanta and savannah can play a pivotal role. It seems the race is about to end. Officials say that the US election results can be withdrawn by observing the situation.

Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada

Pennsylvania where Trump is ahead of votes, Arizona and Nevada are prick points. A clearer result will likely come by the weekend, Joe Gloria an official in Clark country, BBC NEWS. Eyes are set on the results. Hearts of Americans are thriving and they bumping into one another while looking at the screens is an amazing view world is catching.

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Taking benefit of media

Donald Trump is ready to level some accusation over Joe Biden’s Win. He has begun to ear his complaints about irregularities. Now the public is only waiting to get the count of mail-in votes. “Let the American propel have their say”, says Jake Tapper of CNN revealing his own mother is a mail-in voter.

Trump: The Hapless

Without bulging votes from Georgia and Pennsylvania, Trump will not be able to reach his required electoral vote. On the other hand, Corona Virus is also on a boom in America, the keys one of the election campaign. Masses are watching for their survivor to rescue them from the quagmire of COVID-19. The U.S has reached to broke all records of reported cases of coronavirus i.e. 121,054 daily new cases in the U.S per John Hopkins University Data.

Only Military Ballots are Left

It is expected that today results will be posted as only military ballots are left to be counted. Digital screens erected in the walkthrough are evident of the audience eyes stuck on them to break the news about such a battling contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Whirlpool of uncertainty yet hopeful

The air of uncertainty, claims of victory, settled allegations are generating a whirlpool of confusion and anxiety amid the US election results. Yet there is always a silver lining in the black clouds. “The whole world wants for the final outcome in the United States”, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden told reporters yesterday, Washington Post.

According to the recent update on the US election results, Biden has taken the lead in Pennsylvania and the counting is still ongoing. Hopefully, the wait to get the president for the US would soon be over.

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