THE ROUNDUP – 4 pop-culture highlights from across the region 

Rasha Nahas 


The Berlin-based Palestinian artist released the video for this track to coincide with the launch of her album “Amrat,” in late January. The sparse track is, according to a press release, “an urban love story — a situation of confrontation, of relationships existing between airplanes, cities, attachments and disappointments. In a very minimal yet precise arrangement, sentimental echoing synths accompany laid back vocals and fuzzy bass lines.” 


‘Spirals in My Head’ 

“Lockdowns, economic meltdowns, explosions … with this kind of subject matter, one would expect heavy guitars and angry vocals,” the Lebanese band’s vocalist, Sandra Arslanian tells Arab News. Instead, she says, she went another way. “As if drained and lobotomized by what’s happening, the song explores these themes with delicate, almost distant, vocals telling an unnerving tale.” 

Rima Yussef 

‘Ahenu Ilayka’ 

The multi-faceted Lebanese singer has been making waves regionally over the past couple of years, taking on a variety of genres. Her latest track is described in a press release as “a modern beat combined with her sweet angelic voice,” that “takes her listeners to a magic world between 1001 nights and the future.”  

Afifa Aleiby 

‘Wish Flower’ 

This piece is part of the Iraqi artist’s upcoming exhibition “Timeless Echoes” at Dubai’s Zawyeh Gallery. A press release describes Alieby’s style as “poetic” mixing “a unique beauty” with “emotional intensity.” Her work is “a reflection of women’s state in society,” although she stresses that she is not making “a feminist statement.”