The hard power and soft power with American postulates

America has concentrated on both concepts i.e. hard power and soft power. These two concepts are derived to destabilize the opponent or underdeveloped state.

As Joe Biden is selected by the American general public on massive grounds. Now the time is to change the fate of the American general public as well as the whole world. As the superpower controls the entire world by two options either by hard power or soft power. Hard power accelerates negative consequences while soft power creates affirmative.

This situation totally depends upon the leader of the superpower that how he will control the country as well the whole world. As we all know about the rivalries of the United States of America with a handful of underdeveloped states by the use of hard power. People of those underdeveloped states are distressed now.

Rise of chaos among youth

Especially, the young generation is stressing on the need to tackle their life goals by living a fair livelihood with their families. Every leadership arrives in the respective state should follow the principles of social order and social justice to implement among the general public.

The doctrine of Superpower in destabilizing developing states

As we have noted in previous decades, the loopholes of Afghan war directly related to the United States of America and the cold war was afflicted by America which covers a number of decades so as a developed state and a superpower, America has gained hold of world power politics since its independence.

As America is also turned into a global technological era all underdeveloped states are following the political philosophy of the United States of America. According to hard power and soft power concept, USA has deployed both concepts by different tactics across the globe. The political position of USA was strong before the elections but now social chaos and civil disobedience will take place by the efforts of the previous leadership.

Implementation of soft and hard power

America has concentrated on both concepts i.e. hard power and soft power. These two concepts are derived to destabilize the opponent or underdeveloped state. There are several ways observed to destabilize the opponent state by commencing armed fight between defence forces of two states to decentralize arms race of the opponent state.

However, by decentralizing the armed forces there was only demoralizing of armed forces along with their weapons etc. Secondly, they develop a concrete and massive consensus to harm the opponent state by another perspective by following the deep-rooted devastation tactic.

Earthing of economy

They initiated to decentralize the economy of the opponent state by creating issues in the import and export products by commencing ban on the respective state. On the other hand, they have played a major role in changing the mindset of youth and the general public through the social media platform.

For applying these tactics they deployed their agents in the underdeveloped states under the supervision of different organizations created by developed states or superpower. In previous centuries, their first priority was to destabilize the opponent state by armed forces. Now, in the 21st-century armed race is not considered as a top priority.

Now the first priority is playing with the mindset of people to decentralize them against one another person or one another state through the social media platform. By applying this tactic so they were able to destroy the entire nation especially youth on massive grounds. To destroy the mindset of youth they initiated fifth-generation hybrid warfare concept.

Why Pakistan lacks progress?

If I go brief into an example, let us suppose Pakistan. As an under-developed country, since independence, we are ruling over by British crowns by indirectly and directly implementation of British laws in an infant state. Today religious and sectarian issues have created chaos among the general public. We observe on a daily basis that there are several processions from religious and political parties which stand by the narrative to uplift Pakistan.

Actually, these so-called religious and political cadres are against peace, harmony and affirmative development of Pakistan. They don’t even think about affirmative visionary progress of Pakistan. Their narrative and slogans are just to catch vote from the general public.

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People often blame armed forces of Pakistan on social media platform even without knowing that we as a nation are decentralized and sidelined by civil rulers due to their own sake of lust and gaining influence through power politics to govern this infant state. Due to the lack of reforms in education, we are lacking intellectual mindsets. So, we are just able to criticize each other. Our own reaction towards others is destroying us rather than moving towards a progressive state.

Recommendations for the progressive way of state

In Pakistan, this is the liability of the general public to tackle themselves back from social media as it is known as social media and cyberwar of the current era. Universities should initiate forums of critical think tank to create awareness among students and mentors so the future of Pakistan should not blow in bleak circumstances.

As Pakistan is handed over to the successive government in form of broken pieces. There is a huge ratio of malpractices on every forum. So, the government of Pakistan is trying its best to compete with malpractices with the assistance of law enforcement agencies. Moreover, there are a number of national and international organizations fulfilling their objective to help Pakistan to move forward towards developmental era.