The first vaccine of COVID-19 injected in the US

The US elected president Joe Biden will be commenced as president on the 20th January and he has set an aim to provide the vaccine to hundred million people during his hundred days in office, which is probably one-third of the total population.

The first vaccine of COVID-19 during the US largest vaccination Crusade has been injected. Total of 150 hospitals in the US have been provided by the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. A nurse of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in New York is the first vaccinated person.

The highest death rate is measured in the US, which is 300,000 people. This vaccine is intended to be given to 100 million people in different regions of the country.

The Pfizer vaccine is a cooperation of US Pharmaceutical bulk and German biotechnology company. This is the first US regulator-approved vaccine and has 95% safety confirmation.

Vaccination campaign in Canada has also given first vaccine of COVID-19

On Monday, a vaccination campaign has also started in Canada where 30,000 vaccines are delivered to 14 areas of Canada. In Toronto, Rekai Centre Nursing Home, a worker Anita Quidangen was given the first vaccine in Canada.

According to the US News, Donald Trump took it to the microblogging website Twitter and congratulated for the first vaccine saying: “First vaccine administered. congratulations USA. congratulations world.”

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As per Covid-19’s record, 109,000 people at present have been admitted to the hospital. Since November, the death rate and number of affected one’s have been rapidly increased. The first vaccine has been prepared amid the severe pandemic situation.

On Monday, the US health secretary Alex Azar told the NBC’s Today program that: “If you are endorsed to get the vaccine, do get it. Save yourself and the people around you. But do get the vaccine. There is now a light at the end of the tunnel of this terrible pandemic situation.”

Streamed video of the nurse getting the first vaccine 

The live vaccination video was streamed on Twitter account of Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor, whose city was the basic focus of COVID-19 attack during the first  pandemic this year.

The vaccinated nurse at Jewish Medical Centre, Santra Lindsay said: “It wasn’t any different from taking any other vaccine. I wish this is the beginning of the end of difficult duration of our past. I want to assure people that the vaccine is safe. We are in the pandemic and need to play our individual roles.”

Shipment of Covid-19 vaccine

More than 91000 Pfizer vaccines were expected to be delivered yesterday in the entire nation, while 50,000 doses among them are going to be delivered in Southern Nevada this week.

Since, the vaccine is needed to be kept at low temperature, the ampoule of vaccine is taken in ice-cooled containers while being spread in the country. The first 3 million doses in the US are delivered to numerous areas of the 50 states by cargo planes and trucks. The temperature of drug packages is noted by GPS thermal sensors while they have been delivered.

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The frontline healthcare workers will be prioritized to be given the vaccine. In the first dispatch, there will be 2.5 million people to be vaccinated. The expected number of people to get first vaccine of COVID-19 in December is 20 million, in January they will be 50 million and then in February, almost a hundred million people will get the vaccination.

Expected number of vaccine receivers in next six months

The US elected president Joe Biden will be commenced as president on the 20th January and he has set an aim to provide the vaccine to hundred million people during his hundred days in office, which is probably one third of the total population. The vaccine will be rechecked by the expert group this week and is yet to be approved.

By June 2021, the American National Institute of Health and Moderna will provide the second vaccine to 200 billion people. By March, Pfizer has signed an agreement of delivering vaccine to 200 million people.

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