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Understanding Available Balance vs. Current Balance | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

The available balance in a checking or on-demand account is the amount that is immediately accessible to the account holder. Learn more about banking...

Form 1040: U.S. Individual Tax Return – Definition, Types, & Use...

Form 1040 is the standard U.S. individual tax return form that taxpayers use to file their annual income tax returns with the IRS.

403(b) vs. Roth IRA: Understanding the Difference | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

A 403(b) plan and a Roth IRA are both vehicles used for retirement savings. Learn the definitions and differences between the two.

Commissioned Employee Tax Withholding Responsibility | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

If an individual is considered an employee, then the employer is responsible for taxes. If they are considered an independent contractor, they must report...

NPO Definition and Example | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

A nonprofit has tax-exempt status for furthering religious, scientific, charitable, educational, literary, public safety, or cruelty-prevention causes.

Avoid Social Security Tax Trap | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Government benefits can cost you big money, which is why it’s so important to know the income thresholds before you file.

Rolling Over a 403(b) to an IRA After Employment Termination |...

If you are no longer working with the employer that established your 403(b) account, you can roll over your 403(b) balance into a traditional...

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