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SEC Implements Stricter Rules for Accurate Fund Naming | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission tightened rules to enforce greater alignment between a fund's name and its portfolio, in a move that could...
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FCPA: Understanding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Its Antibribery Aim

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is a U.S. law that prohibits the payment of bribes to foreign officials to further business deals.
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Smart Contract Dispute Resolution: Overview and Mechanisms | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Smart contract dispute resolution is resolving disputes that occur when blockchain technology is involved in a transaction and a smart contract is executed.
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Wisconsin Volleyball Team Scandal: Leaked Images | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

The Wisconsin Volleyball Team, known for its impressive record and success in collegiate volleyball, has The post The Shocking Scandal: Wisconsin Volleyball Team Leaked Images...
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Prediction Market: An Overview of Types and Examples | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

A prediction market is a type of market where contracts that are contingent on the occurrence of events in the future can be traded.
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Warren Buffett’s Success with Berkshire Hathaway | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Berkshire Hathaway is one of the most coveted companies and stocks in the world, thanks to the investing prowess of Warren Buffett.
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Accountant’s Roles: Duties, Rules, Skills, and History | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

An accountant is a certified financial professional who performs functions such as audits or financial statement analysis according to prescribed methods.

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