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Tips for a Great Used Car Deal | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

It is estimated that cars depreciate by about 30% of the initial value within the first three years of use. While this may not...

Tariffs: Impact on You | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

A breakdown of tariffs and how they affect consumers as well as the larger economy.

Tax Season: Dates, Deadlines, and Definition | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Tax season is the period between Jan. 1 and about April 15 of each year when taxpayers get ready to report their taxable income...

House Transfer Costs and Taxes for Child: A Guide by Orbital...

Title transfers can negatively affect taxes, and costs vary by state, which should be considered before transferring a house to your child.

Top Questions for Business Brokers | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

For some entrepreneurs in the beginning of their journey it is almost impossible to think The post Good questions to ask business brokers appeared first...

Reasons to Hire Bankruptcy Attorneys | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

A bankruptcy attorney is someone who can assist you with the financial process of eliminating The post Why People Hire Bankruptcy Attorneys  appeared first on...

Green-Field Investment Definition | ORBITAL AFFAIRS: A Concise Explanation

In a green-field investment, a parent company creates a new operation in a foreign country from the ground up.

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