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UN Launches AI Governance Advisory Body for International Cooperation

The United Nations formed an advisory body to support greater international cooperation on the governance of artificial intelligence.

Globalization’s Impact on Comparative Advantage | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Comparative advantage is becoming increasingly relevant due to globalization, and this has affected both advanced and developing economies.

Impact of Industrialization on LDC Economies | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Read about how industrialization impacts economic growth in less developed countries (LDCs), using Hong Kong and Great Britain as examples.

Project Finance: Definition, Working Mechanism, and Loan Types | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Project finance is the financing of long-term infrastructure and industrial projects using a non- or limited-recourse financial structure.

Cryptocurrency’s Rise: Exploring its Impact in the Digital Era | ORBITAL...

Over the past few years, the financial world has experienced a notable disturbance as a The post The Rise of Cryptocurrency: Exploring its Impact in...

WTO’s Perceived Dark Side | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

The World Trade Organization has its share of detractors. Find out why this international entity has such harsh critics.
Axie Infinity: The New NFT Game for Earning Money!

Axie Infinity: The New NFT Game for Earning Money!

Time has changed and technology has taken over the world. One of the major impacts that one can see of the digital world is...

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