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Finding a Personal Loan After Bankruptcy | ORBITAL AFFAIRS: A Guide

Personal loans are available for consumers who went through bankruptcy, but they tend to be expensive.
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Best CD Rates Today: New Leader in 3-Month and 6-Month Terms...

Today's best CD rate is 5.80%, available from either Credit Human for a take-your-pick term between 12-17 months, or from The Federal Savings Bank...
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Main Street Lending Program: Overview and Operation | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Main Street Lending was a Federal Reserve System program to keep credit flowing to small- and mid-sized businesses and nonprofits during the COVID-19 crisis.
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Shapley Value: Definition, Example, and Application | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

In game theory, the Shapley value is a manner of fairly distributing both gains and costs to several actors working in coalition.
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Rational Expectations Theory: Definition and Function | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Rational expectations theory proposes that outcomes depend partly upon expectations borne of rationality, past experience, and available information.
Minecraft VR: PC and Quest 2 Guide | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Minecraft VR: PC and Quest 2 Guide | ORBITAL AFFAIRS

Why only play Minecraft in two dimensions when you can play it in three? With VR gear, you can now get more involved in...
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W.P. Carey School of Business: Orbital Affairs Defined

The W.P. Carey School of Business is a business school that is part of the Arizona State University System.

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