Systems Limited And Ali Institute Of Education Launch IT Mustakbil Training Program

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Marching forward with its mission to solidify the IT landscape of Pakistan, Systems Limited has collaborated with the Ali Institute of Education. The company is proud to announce the IT Mustakbil (ITM) Training Program; its core foundation lies in raising IT awareness, encouraging women to excel, upskilling and reskilling, and increasing job opportunities, resultantly stimulating IT exports and revolutionizing Pakistan’s IT landscape.

ITM is a six-month-long diploma in computer science and it aims to open doors to the IT world for anyone with 16 years of education. People with academic backgrounds in computer sciences, mathematics, statistics, engineering, or finance can introduce themselves to the subjects that will help them land a promising opportunity in the IT industry. The curriculum will cover the basic and advanced faucets of IT training, including POMS & Graph databases, Node JS/React JS, ERP & CRM, Power App, Power BI, etc.

Systems Limited and Ali Institute of Education intend to empower as many IT enthusiasts as possible. This program is a great chance to learn and get first-hand experience from the faculty of leading universities and seasoned IT professionals. Candidates will be entered based on their academic record, test, and interview. Once they graduate, they will get a chance to be part of a leading IT company, Systems Limited.

To promote the cause and raise awareness about this remarkable IT program, Systems Limited and Ali Institute of Education also collaborated with Shehzad Roy and Sajal Ali. Shehzad Roy composed the song Tum Ho To. The song revolves around a strong narrative of women’s empowerment and how with the IT Mustakbil Training Program they can have a promising career in the IT world and contribute towards IT advancement.

“I’m dedicated and drawn to the cause of upskilling and reskilling our youth to join the ever-growing IT industry in Pakistan. And IT Mustakbil Training Program is a pathway to unlock their potential and enable them. We encourage our youth to make the most of this opportunity,” expressed Shehzad Roy.

Sharing her thoughts, Sajal Ali said, “It is high time to empower both genders by providing equal learning and growth opportunities and the IT Mustakbil Program is one of a kind enabling females in a similar capacity to step forward and kickstart their careers.”

With this initiative, Systems Limited aims to empower people with employment opportunities and resources. The company wants to make education accessible to all so that we can create a future-ready workforce, boost IT exports, and uplift Pakistan’s digital standing.


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