Social Justice and acquisition of equal rights in Pakistan vs Abroad

There should be the establishment of reforms so that every individual could be able to attain social justice in their homeland rather going abroad.

Law and social justice are the terms derive for the well-being of a society in order to tackle socio-economic, socio-political and basic needs of every human being in equal measures. Social justice includes freedom of expression in favour of against any opponent or ally. It also includes the economic feasibility of any individual living in society. Socio-economic and socio-political needs are ensured through viable justice from governmental bodies to run the cycle of society by sustaining social order.

Different sectors of society

There are actually three sectors in every society across the globe even it belongs to a developed or underdeveloped country. The sectors are known as  lower, middle and upper (elite) sector. The whole cycle of reliability of socio-economic development depends upon the working of all three sectors in every community. Lower and middle sector are considered as working class to meet their basic needs.

Elite sector’s output

Moreover, there instils elite sector, this sector is governing the whole country due to their massive economic output towards the government. This sector often misuses the rule of law in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan. They run the internal and external economy of the state. They often hold the governmental organs of the state i.e bureaucracy, legislature and judiciary.

Politics of feudal lords

Actually, the reliability and maintenance of rule of law and social order stand upon the policymakers and legislatures but due to interference of feudal lords and industrialists since the independence of Pakistan, Policymakers have noted several upheavals for implementing their policies. Since independence, Pakistan is governed by civilians or military rulers, none of them has taken affirmative steps on a massive level to uplift the lower and middle sector.

Inevitable tax reforms

The output of taxes is not meeting both ends of the lower and middle sector. Attainment of jobs is volatile for every individual due to massive political ethos in every governmental institution. Lower sector is always deprived of the basic needs.

Scores of previous governments

In the era of previous governments that had governed over Pakistan for thirty years, they had launched an infinite number of developmental projects in Punjab and ensured development in a number of cities, for example, Lahore and Islamabad. Except for these cities, the whole province was deprived of social justice which includes hospitals, educational institutions, the latest health care facilities, social security and freedom of expression.

The ruling of private sector in every professional field

Due to the above-discussed issues, the private sector has enhanced the reliability to access hospitals, latest health facilities, dynamic educational priorities, and other basic facilities. On the other hand, there is a huge interference from political and religious extremists groups; day by day there are massive rallies against the successive government.

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In Pakistan, it becomes a norm to sabotage social order and social justice across the country. Their intention is to demoralize the states apparatus on enormous grounds.

Tribal sector’s power politics

As Pakistan is enclosed in multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-religious organs so the tribes of the underdeveloped provinces like Baluchistan, K.P.K, Sindh are considered as underdeveloped provinces which are not capable to accept the change in order to uplift the lower and middle sector, they actually are following the legacy of their ancestors of governing over the general public at any cost.

These conservative thoughts are eliminating day by day because the youth of these underdeveloped regions are moving towards the global technological era.

 Enrolment in economic advancement

A rare example of China Pakistan Economic corridor is considered as an economic hub for not only Pakistan but also in the whole region of Asia. With the help of these types of projects, there will be massive opportunities for experts and professionals related to every field to disclose their skills in their homeland as well. There will be a gateway for foreigners from across the globe to initiate their corporate and economic ideas from this forum.

Politics in different sectors

On the other hand, there is massive politics on every level i.e student politics, educational institution politics, family politics, professional and business level politics, due to this rigid politics one individual is pushing the other individual not to grow up to meet his or her better well-being. This concept is a barrier between developments of Pakistan in every field of life.

Foreigner’s affirmative visions

In foreign countries, there is a different concept. They assist one another to perform their skills accurately on the ground level as well as their governments ensure them the support to compete with the globe by taking affirmative steps towards affirmative developments. The only issue in Pakistan is the negative mindset of the general public due to which the country is lacking behind.

Lack of implementation of NAP

Policymakers are not able to derive national action plans (NAP) on ground level due to power politics of feudatory organs and elite members of the society. On the other hand, one more concept noted in foreign countries is that they are taught about patience, affirmative behaviour and giving values to others. They’ve attained positive ethics and values, as compared to Pakistan we are lacking behind due to our unethical behavior due to lust of materialistic needs. Ethics is the part of the culture of foreigners but the system is contrary in our country.

Maintenance of Social order

It is observed that the social order and social justice in developed countries are maintained due to their ethical values. In Pakistan there are massive conflicts on materialistic needs, in this case, there is a massive interference of fraudulent acts and murder cases in feudatory organs and other people are also following them only due to access to their overwhelming needs.

Upheavals of malpractices in the previous eras

In previous governmental eras, there was massive corruption on ground level, due to these malpractices the taxpayer of Pakistan is not able to attain the basic needs and the governmental bodies are already in tempting conditions. Now the successive government is taking affirmative steps.

Assurance of equal opportunities across Pakistan

The equal opportunities to the students from all provinces must be ensured in their respective regions so they are not bothering to take themselves into different provinces in order to make their future bright. If students of the other provinces will attain the basic rights on their doorstep then we will be able to tackle the needs of professionals on every level.

National Finance Commission Award

National Finance Commission award should be implemented equally in all provinces without conflicts of religion, culture, caste etc. But due to huge political victimization on the floor of parliament by different political cadres, it is not an easy task to distribute this award in equally due to the politics of Punjab elite class.

Liability of the general public of Pakistan

There should be the establishment of reforms so that every individual could be able to attain social justice in their homeland rather going abroad. Moreover, as a nation, we should refrain from politics, fraudulent acts, malpractices, and we should show fair ethics in front of every individual.