Shekeb and Emily from ‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’: Still Together?

This article delves into the intriguing lives of Shekeb and Emily, providing insight into their relationship status, family dynamics, and eventual break up. Read on to discover more about their story.

The Origins of Shekeb and Emily’s Relationship on “I Love a Mama’s Boy”

Shekeb and Emily first crossed paths three years prior to the debut of the reality show “I Love a Mama’s Boy.” The show follows the lives of several couples as they navigate the challenges of their relationships while dealing with overbearing mothers who are heavily involved in their lives.

Shekeb and Emily’s relationship was no exception. Shekeb’s mother, Laila, was deeply invested in her son’s life and had a significant influence on his decisions. Emily struggled to find her place in Shekeb’s life as Laila often took center stage. Despite this, Shekeb and Emily were able to maintain a strong bond and continued to date throughout the show’s run.

The Role of Family in Shekeb and Emily’s Relationship

Family played a significant role in Shekeb and Emily’s relationship. Laila’s involvement in her son’s life often caused tension between the couple. Shekeb was torn between his loyalty to his mother and his love for Emily. Emily, on the other hand, struggled to assert herself in the relationship and often felt like an outsider in Shekeb’s family.

Despite these challenges, Shekeb and Emily were committed to making their relationship work. They attended therapy sessions together to work through their issues and even moved in together. However, their efforts were not enough to overcome the obstacles posed by Laila’s overbearing behavior.

The Breakup of Shekeb and Emily

Sadly, Shekeb and Emily’s relationship came to an end after the show’s finale. The couple announced their breakup on social media, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split. Fans were disappointed to hear the news, as many had hoped that Shekeb and Emily would be able to overcome their challenges and build a lasting relationship.

Despite their breakup, both Shekeb and Emily have continued to pursue their individual goals. Shekeb has focused on his career in real estate, while Emily has pursued her passion for fitness and wellness. Both have expressed gratitude for the experience of being on “I Love a Mama’s Boy” and the opportunities it has provided them.


In conclusion, Shekeb and Emily’s relationship on “I Love a Mama’s Boy” was a rollercoaster ride filled with ups and downs. While they were able to maintain a strong bond despite the challenges posed by Laila’s involvement in their lives, their relationship ultimately came to an end. Despite this, both Shekeb and Emily have continued to pursue their dreams and remain grateful for the lessons they learned during their time on the show.

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