See Kate Outlast William in a Spin Class Endurance Challenge

Catherine, Princess of Wales, recently beat the Prince of Wales in an endurance spin class challenge at a leisure centre in Port Talbot. When she arrived, Catherine was dressed in a cream top, checked skirt, and heeled black boots, and she joked that she wasn’t sure if she was dressed appropriately for the challenge. As the race began, Catherine adjusted the gears to make it more difficult, and laughed as she did so. After the race was over, Prince William was breathing heavily, and jokingly said to Catherine, “Talk to you in a minute.”

The royal couple’s visit to south Wales on Tuesday also included the launch of a series of therapy gardens and allotments. The gardens and allotments are intended to provide therapeutic benefits to those who use them, such as improved mental health and increased physical activity. The royal couple were delighted to be able to launch these gardens and allotments, and to be able to witness first-hand the positive impact they can have on people’s lives.

The visit to south Wales was an overall success for the royal couple. Not only did Catherine beat Prince William in the spin class challenge, but they were also able to launch a series of gardens and allotments that will bring therapeutic benefits to many people. The royal couple were pleased to be able to witness first-hand the positive impact these gardens and allotments can have on people’s lives.