Scottish University to Investigate Habitability of Mars

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Scottish University to Investigate Habitability of Mars

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Living on Mars may no longer be a distant dream as scientists from the University of Aberdeen embark on a groundbreaking mission to test the habitability of the red planet. Thanks to funding from the UK Space Agency (UKSA), the university will collaborate with Japan’s space agency, JAXA, to undertake this ambitious project. The mission, titled Habitability: Brine, Irradiation, and Temperature (HABIT), aims to explore Mars’ potential as a habitable environment.

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The University of Aberdeen is thrilled to be one of only seven universities in the UK, and the sole one in Scotland, to receive this prestigious funding, propelling the country to the forefront of Mars research and astrobiology. Professor Javier Martin-Torres, leader of the Planetary Sciences Group at the university, expressed his delight at being part of this groundbreaking endeavor.

HABIT’s primary objective is to evaluate Mars’ habitability by measuring key conditions on the planet. The mission is set to take place between 2028 and 2030, with HABIT boarding a JAXA spacecraft as part of their Mars exploration program. This collaboration showcases how UK science can contribute significantly to global missions, deepening our understanding of neighboring planets.

In addition to evaluating Mars’ habitability, HABIT has another unique goal – creating liquid water on the Martian surface. The University of Aberdeen proposes that salts on Mars assimilate water from the planet’s atmosphere and release brine during the night due to a drop in temperature. This groundbreaking feat would be the first of its kind and could revolutionize our understanding of Mars’ potential for sustaining life.

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To facilitate this mission, a Martian chamber will be constructed using a portion of the £320,000 funding. This chamber, roughly the size of a refrigerator, will not only be used for HABIT but also for future projects outside the Mars program. The chamber will simulate Martian temperatures, pressures, and atmosphere to calibrate and test HABIT’s ability to withstand the harsh Martian elements.

Professor Martin-Torres envisions the Martian chamber as a milestone facility that will not only validate HABIT but also provide a platform for training students and researchers in the field of space exploration. This facility will pave the way for future international collaborations in research and industry, enabling the testing of new instrumentation, materials, and components, and enhancing our understanding of Martian pressure conditions, including the liquid water cycle and UV radiation exposure.

The University of Aberdeen’s involvement in this groundbreaking mission showcases the UK’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of space exploration. With their innovative research and collaboration with international partners, they are making crucial contributions to unraveling the mysteries of Mars and potentially paving the way for human habitation on the red planet. As we eagerly await the results of this ambitious endeavor, it is clear that the University of Aberdeen is leading the charge in Mars research and astrobiology.

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