Saudi influencers put on a show at Saudi Cup

DUBAI: Fashion influencers, designers and media personalities in Saudi Arabia are turning heads in chic, intricate dresses at the Saudi Cup this weekend.

Saudi fashion influencer Hala Al-Harithy and celebrity-loved fashion designer Honayda Serafi both wore black abayas with detailed gold embroidery. They added sheer scarves over their heads to keep the cultural feel to their modern styles.

Al-Harithy’s gown was by Saudi label KHAّRAZ.

TV host and content producer Ajwa Aljoudi opted for a structured camel-colored abaya from Saudi label La’beso. It featured a cape that wrapped around her chest.

Riyadh-based fashion blogger Sausan Al-Kadi wore a cropped grey kaftan with draped sleeves, which she layered over matching gray trousers and a blazer that was clinched at the waist to give feminine elegance. Her set was by designer Mona Al-Shebil.

Saudi fashion star Alanoud Badr was fully dressed by designs from the Kingdom. She wore a thobe-inspired gown as she posed for pictures with her social media friends.

Journalist Abrar Bahabri wore a maroon set designed by Noura Al-Ghilaisi. The ensemble was made up of two pieces: A form-sitting jumpsuit and a shoulder-padded cape that added elegance to her look.

“Happy to be here at @thesaudicup wearing an amazing outfit designed by @nouraalghilaisi,” Bahabri said on Instagram, sharing her look with 41,000 followers.

One of the designers in the spotlight is Nour Al-Dhahri, who launched a Saudi luxury label under her own name in 2013 and dressed Saudi influencer Nojoud Al-Rumaihi.

The handmade designer ensemble for Al-Rumaihi has more than 700,000 beads and was inspired by the culture of the Kingdom’s Asir region, Al-Dhahri told Arab News.

“We were inspired by the inscriptions they do — they have inscriptions on the walls and buildings, and this is what inspired us,” she said.

The gown, which took more than two months to make, is made up of two pieces — a form-fitting plain dress and a cutout cape with a long train.

“This is the second year I (wear a Saudi brand at Saudi Cup) and I can’t tell you how happy I am. Just seeing the designers so happy gives me so much joy…probably more than wearing anything else, because I feel like this is from us to us,” Al-Rumaihi told Arab News.