Saudi Arabia’s Nasiba Hafiz designs new line with US feminine care giant Always

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DUBAI: In a bid to beat the heat in style, Saudi fashion designer Nasiba Hafiz has teamed up with US feminine care giant Always, distributed by Procter & Gamble, to launch a new heat-resistant fashion collection.

The Not Hot Collection — dubbed the world’s first designer period wear by the brand — was inspired by Always Cool & Dry, a sanitary pad that was created to keep women feeling cool during their period. “When Always first approached me, I thought it was a great opportunity to explore the idea of working with this type of technology. It was also a challenge to work with plain yet very bright fabrics. Usually, I mostly work with prints. Also, as a woman who’s been brought up in Saudi (Arabia), Always was probably the most trusted brand out there, so I did not hesitate,” said Hafiz.

The Not Hot Collection features pops of color, breezy and comfortable shapes, and lightweight layers. (Supplied)

The designer, who likes to work with out-of-the-box fabrics and vibrant colors, is looking to change the way the world sees Saudi fashion. With comfort a priority, her clothes are created with the region’s intense heat and humidity in mind. “I’d say color and prints are always two main factors for my process when I design, but the biggest appeal to me was the technology of the material which keeps you cool and dry,” said Hafiz.

The Not Hot Collection features pops of color, breezy and comfortable shapes, and lightweight layers, “marrying style with function.” Think features like pockets, bike shorts that sit beneath a flowy dress, driving gloves and car seats that protect against searing-hot steering wheels — basically pieces that women in the Gulf need to stay cool.

Going into more detail about how she created the collection, Hafiz continued: “The design process took place during the hottest month of the year in Saudi (Arabia), and if I can even say this, I got inspired by the heat. I started thinking of the colors and materials that would bring me joy and make me feel a little better. Flowy silhouettes were a big part of the design, and at the same time, it had to be cool and active.”

“My favorite piece is the patched top that has a 90s feel to it: It’s on trend and it also allowed me to work with extra materials and not waste fabric,” she added.

Always x Nasiba Hafiz’s Not Hot Collection is now selling via a pop-up concept store in Jeddah and via


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