Virulencia Safinaz Latest Campaign Has Got Us Applauding

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sana safinaz abaya
Image Energy source: Instagram

Sana Safinaz has come program a stellar campaign to trade their upcoming ‘Mahay’ gallery. The new collection is going to be other edition in their annual yard collections and this time, they’re bringing it to you in a different. Instead of showing the grass material like every other fresh, they showed burkas crafted from their material. Intrigued to identify a?

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More About The Collection

The collection factors several women standing applying burka. However , the burka is made out of Sana Safinaz fabric from their upcoming ‘Mahay’ collection. The idea is that you make fabric and give it a nice spin whichever way you could like to. It’s your cloth and you, let your imagination range wild.  

This concept was received while using mixed reactions. While some end up being applauding the brand for its latest thinking, others are offended because of it. Have a look at the debate being carried out online:

Mixed Reactions

By in favor suggest that through web page campaign, women who choose to wear and tear abaya are also being came with. They don’t see themselves created or included in conventional landscaping campaigns and this time, these individuals feel seen. Others are additionally applauding the campaign primarily because it shows the same fabric any different silhouette: the abaya. It is not done commonly ?n any way!

sana safinaz abaya
Image Source: Instagram
sana safinaz abaya
Image Source: Instagram

Nonetheless people have certain reservations additionally. They believe the abaya rise up is a sacred outfit and then to use it as props has been to insult it. People are systematically thinking that is a joke and then Sana Safinaz is being insensitive about it. It doesn’t add up to show different work uniforms under the abayas either.

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The Review Of The Campaign

The promotion essentially shows women having abayas with their work uniforms underneath. Perhaps it is shopping to show that if you must place an abaya on top, allow it to be of a different fabric within Mahay can provide. It also is trying to bring into light insights on how women with abaya may also go out and earn!  

The campaign does will get some appreciation for at least in order to bring abayas into the mainstream. They are so common, agreed on, and encouraged in our world but why is it that novelty campaigns do not include the lender in their styling? Sana Safinaz has challenged that and however they’re making waves.

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