Russia reacts to US ‘boasting’ about Ukraine involvement

The Pentagon is brazenly aiding Kiev and bragging about it, the Russian envoy to Washington stated

It is trigger for “deep concern” that the US authorities is “openly boasting” that Ukraine’s battlefield successes have been achieved with the Pentagon’s direct involvement, the Russian ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, stated in an interview on Wednesday.

“Against this background, Washington’s statements that the US is not a party to the conflict sound absolutely ridiculous and unfounded,” Antonov advised RIA Novosti. “Facts and interviews of former and current politicians and generals say otherwise.”

“Videos currently shown on Western channels clearly demonstrate that soldiers and officers who speak fluent English, many with pronounced British and American accents, are fighting against us,” the ambassador added.

The US has executed every little thing to show Ukraine right into a dumping floor for its out of date weapons, but additionally a testing vary for brand new NATO tools, Antonov stated, declaring the insatiable urge for food of the US military-industrial complicated for income. 

By the Pentagon’s personal admission, the US has despatched Ukraine “more than $17.2 billion in security assistance” since 2014, and one other $14.5 billion since February. 

Kiev’s patrons are “hungry for power and money” and never interested by peaceable options, stated Antonov. There is little to no discuss within the West about negotiations, solely about sending extra weapons to Ukraine, he added. 

“Their main main goal is to defeat Russia by any means, and subsequently prevent it from playing a key role in the international arena. And if possible, break it into pieces,” the ambassador stated. “They will not stop pushing Ukraine into further suicidal adventures, such as the ‘offensives’ that were doomed from the start.”

Ukraine has claimed its current advances within the Kharkov area are a “turning point” within the battle. On Monday, the New York Times reported that the US and UK had been concerned in planning the operation, together with the admission by the Pentagon’s coverage chief Colin Kahl that the US navy “did do some modeling and some tabletop exercises,” which it shared with Kiev. 

“The current situation of Washington inciting Kiev against us is an indisputable, obvious fact,” stated Antonov. If the Americans associate with Ukraine’s “insane” calls for for long-range rockets, he added, “such a scenario would mean direct involvement of the US in a military confrontation with Russia.”

Even so, it will “not lead to real change on the frontline,” Antonov stated, “Only naive, short-sighted politicians who know history poorly can talk about victory over Russia on the battlefield.”

Russia’s mission is to “lay down the foundations of a multipolar world order and send the American ‘rules-based world order’ into the dustbin of history,” and Moscow’s diplomats “have no doubt that we will achieve victory,” he concluded.


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