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RDR2 Bonus Ending Explained: Unraveling the Mysteries of Red Dead Redemption II

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Red Dead Redemption II, the critically acclaimed action-adventure game developed by Rockstar Games, has captivated players with its immersive gameplay and intricate storyline. One of the most intriguing aspects of the game is its changing honor system, which determines the fate of the protagonist, Arthur Morgan. In this article, we will delve into the various endings of Arthur’s story and shed light on the bonus ending that has left players puzzled.

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Understanding the Honor System

Before we delve into the endings, let’s first understand the honor system in Red Dead Redemption II. Throughout the game, players make choices that affect Arthur’s honor level. Acts of kindness and righteousness increase his honor, while acts of violence and immorality decrease it. This honor system adds a layer of depth to the gameplay, as it impacts Arthur’s interactions with other characters and ultimately shapes his destiny.

The Main Endings

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Depending on the player’s honor level, there are two main endings to Arthur Morgan’s story. If Arthur has a high honor level, he succumbs to his illness and dies peacefully, surrounded by the beauty of nature. This ending reflects Arthur’s redemption and his journey towards becoming a better person.

On the other hand, if Arthur has a low honor level, he meets a more tragic end. He confronts his nemesis, Micah Bell, in a climactic showdown. Despite his valiant efforts, Arthur ultimately succumbs to his injuries and dies alone, symbolizing the consequences of his immoral actions.

The Bonus Ending

However, there is a bonus ending that has intrigued players and sparked numerous discussions within the gaming community. To unlock this ending, players must achieve a specific set of requirements. Firstly, they need to have completed all of the main story missions. Secondly, they must have achieved a high honor level throughout the game.

In this bonus ending, Arthur Morgan survives his encounter with Micah Bell and manages to escape with the help of his loyal friend, John Marston. This unexpected twist leaves players with a sense of hope and redemption, as Arthur gets a second chance at life.

The Significance of the Bonus Ending

The bonus ending holds significant implications for the overall narrative of Red Dead Redemption II. It provides closure for Arthur’s character arc and sets the stage for the events of the original Red Dead Redemption game, where players assume the role of John Marston.

By surviving and aiding John’s escape, Arthur ensures that his friend can continue his quest for redemption and protect his family. This selfless act showcases Arthur’s growth and highlights the importance of loyalty and sacrifice in the face of adversity.

The Impact on Gameplay

Unlocking the bonus ending not only offers a satisfying conclusion to Arthur’s story but also provides players with additional gameplay opportunities. After completing the bonus ending, players can explore the vast open world as John Marston, taking on new missions and challenges.

This seamless transition between characters adds depth to the gameplay experience and allows players to further immerse themselves in the rich world of Red Dead Redemption II.


Red Dead Redemption II’s honor system and multiple endings have captivated players worldwide. Whether players choose to embody the virtues of a noble gunslinger or embrace their darker impulses, the game offers a compelling narrative that reflects the consequences of our choices.

The bonus ending, unlocked by achieving a high honor level, adds an unexpected twist to Arthur Morgan’s story and provides closure for his character arc. It also sets the stage for the events of the original Red Dead Redemption game, offering players a glimpse into the interconnectedness of these two epic tales.

As players continue to explore the vast landscapes and engage in thrilling adventures, Red Dead Redemption II continues to solidify its status as a modern gaming masterpiece. So saddle up, make your choices wisely, and embark on a journey that will leave a lasting impression.

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